Jazwares – Fortnite 6″ Legendary Series Ragnarok Figure Review


Jazwares continues to offer new surprises to their Fortnite line, and one of the most recent releases is the Legendary Series Ragnarok figure that is offered as part of the Max Level figures. In the game, Ragnarok gets more accessories and gear as the player obtains more experience in the game, and he includes 18 pieces, such as a rifle, a pickaxe, three face plates, a skull face helmet, a cape, shin armor, extra hands, a skirt, chest armor, forearm bracers, and shoulder armor.

This years Jazwares booth at New York ToyFair had an impressive display of Fortnite figures, including the 4″ and 6″ figure lines that fans will be getting this year. Unfortunately, there was no photography allowed, but we assure you only good things are ahead for this line.

Thank you to Jazwares for providing their Fortnite 6″ Legendary Series Ragnarok Figure for review. 

Availability: January 2020

Ragnarok is packaged in the standard Max Level packaging for the 6″ line, and includes nicely done artwork on the front, sides, and look of the figure and his accessories on the back.


Ragnarok is a skin in Fortnite with progressive unlocks, and the more experience you get in the game, the more your Ragnarok gets geared up such as the armor and accessories that are included with this figure release. The figure starts off with a pretty simplistic sculpt, which starts off shirtless with a blue  tattoo on his chest, and blue stripes on his biceps. His forearms include bandages that are wrapped around them and his hands, He is also given black pants, with brown belts with a gold buckle, brown boots with a grey lining on top. There are also some peg holes on the biceps and back to hold the shoulder guards and cape in place.



The armor covers almost every aspect of the sculpt once it is assembled on his body, and is painted with a dark metallic highlighted by a brighter silver drybrush, brown, a gold belt buckle, and blue in the grooves of the chest piece. The armor is pretty sturdy on the figure and holds in place pretty well. The hands pop off to place the gauntlets on, and he also comes with an interchangeable hand with bracelets and spikes on top. The shoulder guards and shin guards also have spikes that are nicely done.



The skirt is made of a softer plastic, and the belt buckle has a peg that plugs into the groove in the front. This part also holds in place pretty well, and does not hinger the hip articulation. The cape is made of fabric, and plugs into his back and holds in place pretty well. The four facial portraits swap out fairly easy and each have a good likeness to the game. The faces showcase his hair growing longer, including his heard and mustache, and his hair is painted in blue.

The bald head is what is used to place the skull helmet over his head, as the other two facial plates with hair don’t work with it as well. The skull head is nicely done and includes translucent blue hair on the bottom, gold rings holding the hair in place, and nicely done sculpting and painting on the skull itself.


Ragnarok includes an axe that is cast in translucent blue plastic, and painted in metallic silver, and brown. This is a great combination of deco that works out exceptionally well. He also includes a gun that is painted in black, and green with some camouflage deco that ads some great detail to it. Depending on how much armor is placed on the body, it can be held in one or two hands.


His articulation includes a swivel-hinge head, swivel-hinge shoulders, double-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, hinged hands, ball jointed torso, butterfly pecs, swivel waist, ball jointed hips, double-hinged knees, hinged swivel-hinged ankles and hinged toes. Most of the articulation is hidden once the armor is placed on and won’t work as well as compared to the base of the body. The articulation in the shoulders and hips are also super tight to begin with.

Overall, Ragnarok is a great figure with a lot of interchangeable parts and customizable looks depending on how you choose to display him. Fortnite fans will definitely want to pick this one up, he’s a great figure and a great likeness to the game.