Bandai America Gives Us An Update On The ThunderCats 2011 Figures Following New York ToyFair 2020


At this years New York ToyFair, we had the opportunity to ask the question that many of you have been asking, will Bandai ever offer the canceled ThunderCats figures from 2011 that they had made as prototypes, but sadly, never saw release as the cartoon didn’t live up to standards. In addition to that, the toys from this line were also overproduced, and new waves didn’t quite make it out to retail shelves as they were already clogged up with wave 1.

Since this line was cancelled, many fans have been wondering what the future holds for the unreleased figures in both the 4″ and 6″ figure lines, which had given everyone the opportunity to complete the core cast and collection for the line.

Since 2012, the fate of these figures have remained a mystery, but we were able to get something from Bandai about this line. The update however is what you might expect, and even though Super7 is having success with ThunderCats, that doesn’t imply that another toy company will want to work on this brand at this given moment. Bandai has told us that there is nothing planned for the foreseeable future for release of these figures, but at the same time, we feel that the core audience will support this line.

During New York ToyFair, Bandai has told us that they listen to the fanbase of Dragon Ball on social media, and make decisions accordingly. This concept should also work for other brands as well. Considering that the internet is pretty vocal and passionate over the Dragon Ball Stars line, this is also the case for ThunderCats fans and the only thing you can do right now, is reach out to Bandai America on social media by tagging them as much as possible about your interest in the ThunderCats line. Tell them you want these figures made, convince them there is enough passion for this brand and the 2011 line, and maybe, hopefully, if enough people reach out and let them know, anything is possible.

Right now, only we are asking them about ThunderCats , but we know just how passionate everyone is about this line, and we know that fans want to complete this collection. So start tagging Bandai America and reach out to them on social media – @BandaiAmerica, tell them you want the ThunderCats 2011 line. Tell them that sent you and will continue to do our part if people, meaning you, are doing yours. As of right now, you are the best hope for making this line possible, so get going and start tagging!

What are your thoughts of this line? Will you be supporting it? Leave your thoughts in our comments below!