Takara-Tomy Transformers Masterpiece Edition MP-48 Beast Wars II Lio Convoy Figure Review


Lio Convoy is back and joins the Transformers Masterpiece line by Takara-Tomy, and the figure is based on the Beast Wars II animated series from 1998-1999. This figure is available now and joins the Beast Wars line-up of figures, that so far includes Optimus Primal, Burning (Red) Optimus Primal, Megatron, Cheetor, Dinobot, Blackarachnia, and Tigatron.

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Availability: February 2020

Lio Convoy is packaged in the standard packaging for Masterpiece figures, with artwork and images of the figure on the front, sides, and a detailed look of the figure on the back, with a gallery showcasing this features and accessories.


Lio Convoy is inspired from the Beast Wars II series that aired in Japan in the late 1990’s, and is the first character to be offered in the Masterpiece line from the Japanese shows from that era. In beast mode, Lion Convoy can transform into a white lion, with a gold mane and tail. The facial details are nicely done and he has a hinged jaw, allowing his mouth to open and close as if he’s speaking or growling.

His body is smooth and many of his robotic parts are hidden for the most part, and the legs, ankles and toes  have multiple points of articulation so you can pose him like a real lion. The tail is also articulated,


Compared to the 1998 release of Lio Convoy, the beast mode is is leaner, and the two figures have their own distinctive designs and attention to detail. The 1998 figure has sculpted fur and hair, and the new Masterpiece figure is smooth and looks less realistic to a lion with fur. On both figures, the front claws are hidden inside the back of the front legs, and the claws can be used as weapons to claw at Predacons.



The figure can also fire missiles on top of the mane, and the sides of the legs where the gold claws are located. The missiles can only figure manually and don’t have a spring load feature that the 1998 release offered. The missiles include two red beams, and four grey missiles.


In robot mode, Lio Convoy has the appearance of a Prime, the lion head and tail on the shoulders, the lion claws on his forearms, and lions feet. The left side of the chest can open to reveal his spark, and has a Maximal symbol on the front.



His head sculpt is includes a blue and grey helmet, with a grey plate over his mouth. The body is painted with red, white, gold, yellow and blue, with grey and black. The colors work with his animated appearance as well as the vintage toy. The paint applications are solid and the shiny metallic finish makes him stand out nicely.


In robot mode, the claws on the sides of his arms have missile launchers that he can point and fire at Predacons, and the claws on the lion’s feet can be used to slash them.


The figure also has a holster for the that can be placed in his hands, as well as a blaster that can be held in one or two hands.


The missile launchers in the mane can also be used in this mode, but the lion’s head is different and has a white eyes and a closed mouth. The missiles can point forward and are hinged.



He also can create a typhoon feature where the mane spins around manually, and it take two hands to move it.


In this mode, the mane can spin around the lion’s head, but it is tight and difficult to move.


Overall, Lio Convoy is an excellent figure and a great addition to the Beast Wars Masterpiece line. The attention detail and solid sculpting makes this figure worthy of adding to your collection. Transformers toy collectors and fans of the Beast Wars show will defiantly want to pick this up, and you can grab him now at Hobby Link Japan, and make sure to click around their store and grab other Transformers Masterpiece figures.


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