Super7 – Toxic Crusaders ReAction Figures Review


“It’s clean-up time!”

Super7’s Toxic Crusaders ReAction figures are a hit among fans, which is one of the latest franchises to join this line. The first wave includes Toxie, Headbanger, Junkyard, Dr. Killemoff, Major Disaster, and Radiation Ranger. Toxic Crusaders was an animated series that ran for 13 episodes in 1991. The series included a toy line that was offered that same year by Playmates Toys, the toy company best known for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The line is best remembered for its bight neon colors that was normally done by Playmates Toys at the time with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Super7 has carried that over to this new line of figures.

Thank you to Super7 for providing Toxie, Headbanger, Junkyard and Major Disaster figures for review.

Availability: February 2020

Each figure is packaged on a blister card, with artwork inspired from the early 90’s packaging, including the logo. On the back is artwork giving you a look of the wave as well as retro inspired artwork.

In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, action figures that were based on animated series such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Skeleton Warriors, Toxic Crusaders and others had a very distinct style with not only sculpted details, but some lines had neon colors such as Toxic Crusaders, which stood out on your shelf, floor or wherever you kept for your figures at the time.

This new wave of ReAction figures pays homage to the classic Toxic Crusaders figures of 1991 by Playmates Toys with some highly detailed sculpting that looks just like the original figures, including the neon colors and the same accessories, only scaled down, to what was offered back in the day. In most cases, the ReAction line has smooth figure sculpts, sometimes with folds in the clothing and some sculpted detail, but that is mostly minimal. These new Toxic Crusaders figures go above and beyond that, and these look just as good as the original figures that you had back in the day. These characters always had unique character designs, which carries well in this ReAction line.


Toxie keeps his traditional green skin with sculpted lumps on the skin, including all the sculpted lumps on the top of his head. His head sculpt has one eye coming out of the socket, and white teeth. His clothing includes an orange headband, ripped orange shirt and a blue belt over it, torn black pants, orange booth with yellow stripes with his toes pocking through. There is also a orange and white striped wrist band on his right wrist. He includes a mop, and a orange harness with cans sculpted to it.


Major Disaster is another great figure in this wave, and what we personally love about him are the sculpted spikes on his left arm and helmet. The character was a soldier that was fell into a radioactive swamp and emerged with the ability to control vegetation and plant life. The sculpted details and textures on the clothing and skin is what makes the figure so eye appealing. His head sculpt includes a helmet, and there is a light and dark green mask over his face, and he is given red eyes. His vest is a dark green, and he is given a black belt, green pants, with light green stripe on the right side, and orange boots with light green on top the. The boots also have a green flat substance underneath them that he is standing on. His right arm has a red muscular intestines showing, and there is a orange shoulder guard, and an orange wrist gauntlet. Included is a gun and a sword that pays homage to the classic figure.


Headbanger has always had a distinctive character design, two two heads, and he is a fusion of two opposing personalities into a conjoined body made up of Dr. Bender, a mad scientists, and Fender, a surfer dude. The character has always been eye appealing even with his vintage toy release and appearance in the cartoon, and this style translates over well into the ReAction figure line just like Modulok did last year for the MOTU ReAction figure line. Headbanger is split right down the center with two unique likenesses, with the clothing cut in half, and the heads on the shoulders. Dr. Bender has light green skin, and a lizard like appearance with orange scales on the top of his head. He is also in a white shirt, orange bo tie, orange pants and a boot, with his green skin showing through the pants, and a green sock. Dr. Bender’s left arm and shoulder also appear on the back and his hand is placed on Fender’s shoulder. Fender has blonde hair, that is painted in yellow as characters with blonde hair were painted in yellow at the time, and he also has a ponytail in the back. His outfit includes pink sunglasses on on blue shirt, green and yellow bathing suit, and a pink sandal. His arm has dark red intestines showing through, lumps, and a blue wrist band. Included is a pink surf board with a shark bite and sculpted details, and his iconic gun.


Junkyard is a character that fused a stray dog a human together, and the character has a dog-like appearance with his head sculpted, and brown fur. His head sculpt includes a orange hat with a long rim that is bent upward, a long red tongue, white sharp teeth with pink inside the mouth, a black nose, and pointy ears. His outfit includes a turquoise overalls, and green and orange spike collar, yellow shirt, orange patches on the overalls and on his shoulders. His wrists have a green and orange bracelets, and his back has spikes showing through his shirt. He also has a long tail in the back that is hinged, giving him an extra point of articulation compared to the normally 5 points of articulation these figures are given. He includes a yellow bone, and a gun.

Overall, Toxic Crusaders are a hit once again, and Super7 has done an amazing job on this line. Would you believe that next years will mark the shows 30th Anniversary? That’s hard to believe, and three decades just seem to have flown by right now. These figures pay great homages to the vintage figures and have great likenesses to the animated series. Make sure to pick up a complete stand relive your glory days!


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