Playmates Toys – Power Players Axel, Bearbarian, Galileo, Sarge, Madcap & Masko Figures Review

Playmates Toys – Power Players Axel, Bearbarian, Galileo, Sarge, Madcap & Masko Figures Review


Playmates Toys had originally shown off these Power Players figures at last years New York ToyFair, and these figures are now finally available. Power Players is a CGI series on Cartoon Network and follows the story of Axel, a living toy-sized action figure by the use of the Power Bandz and he’s the new leader of the Power Players team. His team includes Sarge, Bearbarian, Galileo, Masko, Bobby Blobby, and Slobot. They face off against Madcap, a villainous toy robot who is constantly coming up with schemes to steal the power from Axel’s glovez to achieve world domination.



Get caught up and watch our video walkthrough at New York ToyFair 2020.



Thank you to Playmates Toys for providing their Power Players 5″ figures for review.

Availability: February 2020

Each figure is packaged on a blister card, with artwork of the series on the front, images of the figures and a description on the back.

Playmates Toys continues to offer such great animated inspired figures in the 5″ figure scale, and this new line-up is done in bright colors and sculpted to look just like they do in the series.


Axel is a human boy in red, blue, black and yellow armor that cannot be removed, with a yellow Power Players symbol on his chest. His body is completely covered in armor, with the exception of his face. He includes a green translucent shield and a sword. The shield has a peg that can plug into either forearm, and both his hands can hold the sword. Axel is the leader of the Power Players team, which is made up of heroes to fight Madcap.


Galileo is a flamboyant lizard-like toy from the in-universe Junior Genetic Spy Lizard toyline, but he has never been released in the show’s toy universe. Galileo has some sculpted textures on his skin, including his blue arms, and head, purple legs and hands. He is dressed in a black shirt with a metallic silver collar, grey belt around his hips with a yellow Power Players symbol, yellow pants with a black pouch on the left knee, a green hinged jaw, purple finn, and a blue and green tail, with the blue area featuring the same texture as the arms and head. There is also a black object sculpted on the tail and wraps around it at the end. Included is a firing disc that can clip on either wrist.


Masko is a Wrestling figure, and on the show he has the ability to stretch his limbs like Mr. Fantastic or Stretch Armstrong. Sadly, this figure can’t recreate that, or even comes with interchangeable limbs. Even without it, he looks like the part of a Wrestling figure and is in a light brown skin tone with tattoos on his arms, yellow shorts with a black trim on the bottom, yellow wrist bands, black boots, and includes two interchangeable head sculpts with yellow and red masks. He also has a Wrestling Universe Championship belt painted in a light metallic brown, black and the center of it has the worlds, and the Power Players symbol.


Bearbarian is a toy bear, and is the Power Players heavy hitter. The sculpt includes sculpted fur painted in blue, and he is dressed in brown shorts that has some torn parts, a black belt and harness with a shoulder pad, a metallic silver skeleton on the harness, a metallic silver, yellow and black circular buckle with the Power Players symbol, a beige mask on top of his head and grey hair in the back. His mouth and ears are painted in a light grey, and includes sculpted detail. He is also given a black nose, and blue eyes. Included is his wordbreaker hammer.


Sarge is a military-themed toy, think of G.I. Joe or Small Soldiers, and you get this great looking figure. He is sculpted and painted in a brown shirt, black chest harness with metallic silver buckles, green pouches, a yellow Power Players symbol on the belt buckle, green pants with black knee pads, beige-green boots, a white bandage around his right bicep, and grey gloves. His head sculpt is nicely done, with yellow hair, a scar on the right side of his face, blue eyes and a white smile.Included is a backpack and a Super Mega blaster.


Madcap is an Alien villain and he has one of the most unique toy sculpts we have ever seen. The figure has mostly a black armored outfit, with green in-between the grooves on the front of the horns, a greenish-blue facial deco, and green deco on top of his head and in the back. The arms and legs are short but do have some articulation. The legs are sculpted in a bent ward position, and since he has no ankle articulation, he is limited in the ways you can pose him. His face has some very nice details such as the hinged jaw, red eyes, and white teeth. In the show, he is depicted as a much larger character, and this figure has been scaled down significantly for the price point.  He also has four tentacles in the back, with a green spike at the center of them, and the tentacles are painted in a dark grey. These are bendy, but cannot manually be bent in any other position than what is shown.


Overall, Playmates Toys is offering a great Power Players toy line, which also have great likenesses to the show. If you’re a fan of this show, Playmates Toys, or even animated figures in particular, go grab yourself a wave of these and proudly display these along with other brands like TMNT, Voltron or Ben 10. You can purchase these figures now at the stores listed below (stay home and order online!).





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