Entertainment Earth – Takara-Tomy Transformers Masterpiece Edition MP-39+ Beast Wars Burning Convoy Figure In-Stock

Entertainment Earth has an in-stock listing of the newly released Transformers Masterpiece Edition MP-38+ Beast Wars Burning Convoy figure by Takara-Tomy. Burning Convoy is currently $15 off on the asking price of $111.99, as all in-stock orders of $99 or more are also $15 off.

You can order your figure for $96.99 plus tax now by clicking HERE!

  • A prime Maximal leader that you’ll ho ape for!
  • A hero from Beast Wars Special, Japan’s Beast Wars animated movie!
  • Burning Convoy – also known as Optimus Primal – comes armed with swords, a mace, and more exciting accessories.

Based on his initial appearance in the little-seen-in-America Beast Wars Special film, the Maximal (or in Japan, Cybertron) commander looks great in red. He sports a Cybertron faces, swords, and weapons to save the galaxy from Predacons and Destrons. You even get a character card and instructions! Cybertron’s commander is recreated faithfully by Hasbro and Takara-Tomy, making another great addition to your Best Wars collection with fully-jointed limbs in both modes. Add him to your army today!