Sideshow Collectibles Marvel Comics – Deadpool Premium Format Figure Pre-Orders


Sideshow Collectibles are accepting pre-orders of their upcoming Marvel Comics – Deadpool Premium Format Figure. Deadpool is roughly 1/4″ scaled and stands at 20.5″ tall, with a base made up of a crashing scooter. Deadpool is in his classic red and black costume, and includes a set of hands holding his katanas, and a second set of fists with kitchen utensils meant to pay homage to Wolverine. The statue is cast in polyresin. There will also be a Sideshow Exclusive version. The exclusive includes a sculpted Cable plush doll that can attach to Deadpool’s belt.

The exclusive version is priced at $650 and includes a Cable doll, and the collector’s edition is priced at $635. You can order Deadpool now by clicking HERE!

Marvel Comics – Deadpool Premium Format Figure

Sideshow presents the Deadpool Premium Format™ Figure, skidding his way into your universe of Marvel collectibles.

Coming in hot! The Deadpool Premium Format™ Figure measures 20.5” tall as Wade Wilson makes his epic entrance on a crashing red scooter, kicking up a cloud of smoke behind him. Deadpool comes brandishing his signature katanas, but also includes a pair of swap-out hands with fistfuls-o-utensils, just in case the Merc with a Mouth needs to knife, fork with, or even spoon the baddies.

The polyresin Deadpool Premium Format™ Figure features a fully sculpted black and red tactical costume based on his appearance in Marvel Comics. His trademark uniform features armored elements, pouches (they’re coming back in style!), and just the perfect amount of chiseled musculature to tastefully distract Wade’s enemies (thanks, artists!). Deadpool’s masked portrait has a look of fierce determination as he really tries to stick the big battle landing. And we’ll give you one guess as to who has the other half of the Best Friends necklace on Deadpool’s neck- he’s a part-machine time traveler with a gruff attitude and a big gun. That’s right! It’s the Term… Cable. It’s Cable.

The Exclusive Edition of the Deadpool Premium Format™ Figure includes a sculpted Cable Doll that can be attached to Wade’s belt so he can carry his best friend everywhere he goes. Pair Deadpool with the Exclusive Edition of Sideshow’s Cable Premium Format™ Figure to create a display (and a legendary friendship) that crosses the multiverse.

Without the pesky fourth wall in your way, you have just the right amount of space in your collection to bring home the Deadpool Premium Format™ Figure today! (And if you’re craving chimichangas, maybe he’ll let you borrow his utensils.)