Iron Studios – Marvel Comics X-Men Colossus Statue Pre-Orders

Iron Studios – Marvel Comics X-Men Colossus Statue Pre-Orders


Iron Studios continues their X-Men solicitations this week, and have now opened pre-orders of their upcoming Marvel Comics X-Men Art Scale 1/10 Colossus Statue. Colossus joins PsylockeStormMagneto, GambitRogueWolverine, ArchangelIceman and Cyclops.

Colossus stands under 12″ tall and is cast in polystone. Colossus stands on the remains of a concrete column which was once the X-Men’s Mansion.

Colossus is priced at 179.99 and is expected for a June 1st, 2021 release.

You can pre-order Colossus now by clicking HERE!

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On a base reminiscent of the remains of a concrete column, which was once part of Mansion X, a giant with chromed skin and furious countenance prepares to throw metallic debris, parts of his opponent against himself, a relentless robot exterminator of mutants called Sentinel.

This scenario describes the statue “Colossus BDS Art Scale 1/10 – Marvel Comics”, a release that brings the good Russian giant friend of the X-Men to the battle diorama scenario of Mutantes vs. Sentinels from Iron Studios. Created by Len Wein, Dave Cockrum and Chris Claremont, the young Russian Piotr “Peter” Nikolievitch Rasputin was born a mutant and grew up on a farm in Siberia, in the extinct Soviet Union. From a humble family, his mutation allows him to transform his whole body into a type of organic steel on the outside, while his internal organs are converted into pure energy; this gives him super strength and a body armor that makes him almost invulnerable. Invited by Professor X, he founded the second formation of the X-Men. In contrast to his gross appearance, Colossus has a peaceful and even innocent nature, characteristics explored with good humor in the film Deadpool, where the hero has a great participation.

– Scale: BDS Art Scale 1/10
– Limited edition
– Made in polystone
– Hand painted
– Product dimensions: 11.8 in (H) x 5.9 in (W) x 8.3 in (L)
– Product Weight: 2.4 lbs

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