Hasbro Transformers R.E.D. Optimus Prime & Megatron Official Product Images & Pre-Orders

Hasbro is offering a new kind of Transformers 6″ figure that is will not transform, despite the fact that the whole point of a Transformers figure is to transform into vehicle to robot, or beast into a robot. These figures however stay in robot mode and have a smoother sculpt and a more kid-friendly appeal to them.

Update – Pre-Orders are now live!

Optimum Prime – $19.99

Megatron – $19.99

Soundwave – $19.99

This initial line-up so far includes Optimus Prime and Megatron with their Transformers Generation One designs and elements brought into the figure. Such as an Energon axe for Optimus Prime, and an Energon mace for Megatron that is swappable with his left arm.

Don’t get me wrong, I for one keep all of my Transformers figures in robot mode and rarely, if ever, transform them. Since the 80’s, that’s been the normal way to play with and showcase your figures. As we’ve grown up, the sophisticated designs and transformation of these figures have become much more time consuming to transform them than their 80’s counterparts, which his why most people today only showcase and play with their Transformers in robot modes. Still, the option to have them transform has been key to the success of Transformers since the launch in 1984, and while these don’t offer that.

The designs on these figures also have some kind of resemblance to Super7’s Transformers ReAction figure line, but with articulation and interchangeable parts. Perhaps Hasbro took that design idea and upgraded it? Whatever it may be, this at least gives the kids the option to display and play with their figures as they might not be transforming them anymore.

Starting tomorrow, will be offering these figures, which is the same day for new reveals coming.

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