Super Impulse – Worlds Smallest Figures Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, GI Joe & Masters Of The Universe Figures Review


At New York ToyFair this year, we stopped at the Super Impulse booth to check out their Worlds Smallest Figures that Super Impulse is offering. These figures stand at 1.25″ tall and features three points of articulation. There are five main franchises that may interest you that we focused on at Toyfair, including G.I. Joe, Masters of the Universe, Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers.

Thank you to Super Impulse for sending their Worlds Smallest Figures along for review. 




Each figure is packaged in clamshell packaging, and are showcased at the center of it. The clamshell has artwork inspired from the 80’s properties, including their logo’s on the front, images of the figure inside on the upper right hand, images of the figures at the bottom of the front and back. The figures come in a vintage inspired vintage card with artwork inspired of the vintage toys (except for TMNT), and images of them on the back.


These vintage inspired blister cards are what you would remember from the 80’s Masters of the Universe and G.I Joe toy lines, and TMNT has 80’s inspired artwork in the logo and image of the figure, but the retro toys had different packaging than what you see here. The artwork includes the logo’s, images of the characters on the front. On the back are images of the figure, and a opening flap to take the figures out the package. The bubble itself is made of hard plastic, which is good as it can’t be crushed.


The Turtles are inspired from their classic cartoon, and the likeness on these came out great. The colors and sculpt is exactly how these should look for animation inspired, including the belts, elbow and knee pads, and of course the heads. The figures are given three points of articulation, and the arms are on the bendy side. The turtles are offered with their classic accessories, and figure stands.


Masters of the Universe is back and in a big way this year and next, with a new retro line, animated series and more goodness. So why not add them to the Worlds Smallest line? He-Man and Teela are inspired form the toys of the 80’s, and come with their iconic accessories and a figure stand. He-Man comes with his chest harness, power sword, shield, a dagger (this part is very tiny and you can see it better in the vide0 above), and an axe. Teela comes with her staff, shield and a figure stand. He-Man and Teela are great additions to the line, and now we have to have to track down Skeletor and Battle Cat.


This is how to do a G.I. Joe line. It’s too bad those 6″ Joes don’t look like this! Both are inspired from their vintage 80’s figures and come in their classic outfits that we all remember. Roadblock comes with a heavy machine gun, a backpack (this figure comes with 2 that is likely a mistake), a helmet and a figure stand. Duke comes with a machine gun, helmet, backpack and a figure stand. The likenesses here are great and if you grew up in the 80’s or were around that time, you would recall just how these looked, and these figure pay a great homage to that.

Overall, the Worlds Smallest figures pay great likenesses to the characters and offered as they should be, in their iconic outfits and deco. Super Impulse has done a terrific job on these and the designers surely deserve a pat on the back for offering such great looking 1-1/4″ figures. The accessories are tiny and some can fall out of the hands or be difficult to put in, especially that dagger for He-Man. Due to the size of these and tiny pieces, we’re calling this an adult collectible, and also because of the era these are based off of. Make sure to pick these up, including at the stores listed below: