Mattel San Diego Comic-Con 2020 Exclusive – Mega Construx Halo Master Chief Collection Set Review


This year for San Diego Comic-Con, Mattel is offering a 20th Anniversary Halo set that includes six different versions of MJOLNIR exoskeletons, including the MK V armor and MK VI GEN3 that is based on the upcoming Halo Infinite first-person shooter video game.

Starting July 23rd at 9am PST, Mattel is offering their San Diego Comic-Con exclusives at Mattel Creations, which will see all of their exclusives going up for sale. This year sees some great exclusives, such as Mr. T joining the WWE Elite line-up, and Dennis Nedry joining the 3.75 Jurassic Park collection. These and more will go up for sale and we highly recommend you get your order in as quickly as possible.

Deploying exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con 2020, this limited edition collection of Master Chief micro action figures truly exemplifies the evolution of combat.  Celebrate the Halo franchise by building 6 different versions of MJOLNIR exoskeletons, beginning with the MK V and spanning through to the highly anticipated MK VI GEN3 – set to be revealed in the upcoming Halo Infinite.  This collector set also features several weapon accessories, a special Cortana hologram with unique deco and a Cortana chip; to unlock this pack, the Cortana chip is required.



Thank you to Mattel for providing their San Diego Comic-Con 2020 Exclusive – Mega Construx Halo Master Chief Collection Set for review.

Availability: Starting July 23, 2020


This years Halo set is packaged in a window box with a insert, and the insert includes artwork inspired by the Master Chief’s armor. Also on the insert is where the chip is placed, and can be removed by pressing it inward. The chip can be inserted through the insert, or even after it’s been removed. Once the insert is removed, the window box includes a plastic cover, and you see all of the figures securely positioned in a nice display, along with their accessories above them on the walls. What is so great about this packaging is that the once the chip is inserted, the floor lights up in-front of each figure and turns off when the chip is removed.


The window box was confusing at first to figure out how to open it, but after some trial and error, the right side swings open and you remove it by sliding out the diorama piece as shown above. The figures are easy to slide out of the plastic holsters as are the weapons, and the floor also have peg holes to stand the figures up right if you remove the plastic pieces.


The set includes six versions of Master Chief through the years, and each version includes weapons and a figure stand. Each one is also given a unique sculpt while keeping the likeness to the game. Also included is a Cortana hologram that stands in front of the figures in the packaging. Each figure is given great paint apps including four figures in the green armor, and two in the grey armor. The figures articulation is standard for the Mega Construx line, and the accessories can be placed in either hand and are also interchangeable.

Overall, this Halo set is one fun exclusive and we especially love the light-up feature in the packaging. Halo fans surely won’t want to miss out on this one when it goes for sale on July 23rd.


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