Pop Culture Shock – Spider-Man PS4 Scarlet Spider 1/10th Scale Statue Pre-Orders


Sideshow Collectibles are accepting pre-orders Marvel’s Spider-Man (PS4) – Scarlet Spider Costume 1/10 Scale Statue by Pop Culture Shock Collectibles. Scarlet Spider stands at 7.5″ tall on a circular themed black base.

The Scarlet Spider is priced at $94.99 and is slated to ship between December 2020 – February 2021. You can order yours now by clicking HERE!

The ever amazing Spider-Man, idol of millions and heckuva nice guy, at your service!”

Sideshow and PCS Collectibles present the Marvel’s Spider-Man: Scarlet Spider 1:10 Scale Statue, joining the Marvel Armory Collection inspired by the hit video game, Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Faithfully based on the costume’s in-game model, the Marvel’s Spider-Man: Scarlet Spider 1:10 Scale Statue measures 7.5” tall on a circular black base that evokes the game’s scientific interface.

This highly detailed Marvel collectible portrays Spider-Man’s alternate red undersuit with a blue sleeveless hoodie over the top. The hoodie features two stenciled spray-paint-styled spider symbols on the chest and the back, resting just above a utility belt brimming with tech. Specialized web cartridges form silver gauntlets around his wrist and ankles. The Scarlet Spider stands tall, fingers ready to close down on his web-shooter sensors in his palms.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Scarlet Spider 1:10 Scale Statue joins the Marvel Armory Collection alongside the Marvel’s Spider-Man: Advanced Suit 1:10 Scale Statue and the Marvel’s Spider-Man: Spirit Spider Suit Statue. Assemble a roster of Peter Parker’s unlockable costumes with this exciting collectible offering for Marvel fans and gamers alike!

Upgrade your armory and web up the Marvel’s Spider-Man: Scarlet Spider 1:10 Scale Statue by PCS Collectibles today.