Super7 – Army Of Darkness ReAction Figures Review


Super7’s ReAction line expands with their Army Of Darkness offerings that are inspired from the 1992 sequel of The Evil Dead, and The Evil Dead II, which saw Bruce Campbell return to his iconic role as Ash Williams. This film saw Ash transported back to medieval days, where he joins forces with English knights as they face off against an Evil Ash leading an army of Deadites trying to obtain the Necronomicon.

This line-up from Super7 includes Ash, Evil Ash, Two-Headed Ash, Medieval Ash, Pit Witch and a Deadite Scout are available now and each figure comes with character specific accessories. The ReAction figures are reimagined versions of these characters, as if the franchise was created in the 1970’s, otherwise known as the golden age, as opposed in the 1980’s.



Thank you to Super7 for providing their Army Of Darkness ReAction Figures for review. 

Availability: July 2020

Each figure is packaged on a retro inspired blister card with beautiful character art on the front, and on the back is the poster of the film, a bio, and character art drawn on the pages of the Necronomicon.


This wave gives you the core characters from the movie, including several versions of Ash Williams as seen in the film. Hero Ash and Medieval Ash are similar and different in their own way. Hero Ash is given the iconic chainsaw that is painted in red and metallic silver, and this version also has a torn blue shirt, a missing sleeve, straps around his chest and back, and a head sculpt with some blood that is painted in red. Medieval Ash is given almost a completely new sculpt with shared legs, and both figures include the same shotgun with the trigger finger. The straps on the torso and back are different, and so it the style of the shirt, and Medieval Ash is also given a metal hand that replaces his chainsaw. The Necronomicon has the sculpted face and is very nicely painted and sculpted to resemble how it looked in the film.


Two-Headed Ash is similar to Medieval Ash, with the torso extended to be wide enough to fit both heads on top. This figure also has the metal hand but is fisted, and you see the style of the shirt with the two black buttons holding it up on top. The strap across his chest has the holster for the shotgun, but it’s flat on his back and cannot hold it. Ash’s two heads are nicely done and can turn to face each other or look away. Evil Ash is one of the most detailed figures in this wave, with the bone helmet, flesh torn mouth, and armor added to his blue shirt and grey pants as seen in the film. The deco is nicely done and there is no paint bleeding on this particular sample, even on the area’s such as the chain or straps, which is excellent. Included with Two-Headed Ash is a shotgun, and included with Evil Ash is a sword.


Deadite Scout is an army builder character and is comprised of bones and skeletal structors that make up his body. He is also armored and given a red vest, elbow pads, hip armor and a helmet with horns on top. There are also tiny skeleton heads on his chest, helmet and belt buckle. The sculpting for the bones is excellent, as it that head sculpt with the detailed helmet. Included with the Deadite Scout is a spear and a shield. The Pit Witch is another beautifully done figure and the first villain that Ash faced off against in the film. Her skin looks like it’s rotting or melting, and she has white eyes, and a torn light grey dress. She is also in shackles, with are around her ankles, hips, and wrists. Her head sculpt is excellent and they really pulled off her likeness quite well here.

Overall, these Army Of Darkness ReAction figures by Super7 are great looking figures with excellent deco and great character likenesses. The attention to detail on these and likenesses are excellent and make great additions to any Evil Dead collection. There aren’t too make choices right now for Evil Dead, so take advantage of that and purchase these figures today!



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