Mattel – Masters Of The Universe Origins He-Man & Skeletor Figures Review

Mattel – Masters Of The Universe Origins He-Man & Skeletor Figures Review


Mattel’s Masters of the Universe Origins line is available now for 2020 at Wal-Mart Stores, and everywhere else starting in 2021, and the first wave of figures includes He-Man, Skeletor, Teela, Evil Lyn, Beast Man and Battle Cat, along with the 2-pack of Prince Adam with Sky Sled. We last got to see these figures at New York ToyFair, which took place back in February and we saw a great display of figures, including MOTU Mini’s, Mega Construx and more.

He-Man and Skeletor are inspired from the original 1980’s toyline, and Mattel has given each figure a great update with more articulation while keeping to that retro look that we all know and love. Each figure comes with their iconic accessories as well as a mini comic book.

Thank you to Mattel for providing their Masters Of The Universe Origins He-Man and Skeletor figures for review. 

Availability: July 2020 – Wal-Mart Exclusive for this year, and everywhere else in 2021.



He-Man and Skeletor are packaged on a vintage style window box with beautiful looking artwork that show cases the Sky Sled flying through the air, along with Prince Adam with Sky Sled, Beast Man, Man-At-Arms, Trap Jaw, and Castle Grayskull in the frame. The sides also have additional artwork and you see Teela on one side, and the back shows additional artwork, along with instructions on how to convert the Sky Sled into the War Sled, as well as how to remove the interchangeable head, and images of other figures that are available for 2020.


He-Man and Skeletor share the same body base as Prince Adam, and each are given new parts that are unique to the character such as their armor, boots, heads and accessories. He-Man is also a repaint of last years San Diego Comic-Con, including a new skin tone, and different shades of deco on his accessories and various other parts of his body as you can see in the photo gallery or in the video. What is also different about this release is the half sword accessory, the removable of the knife that the SDCC release had, and the unpainted blades on the axe along with the accessories also featuring a different shade of deco from the previous offering. He-Man is painted with a grey and red chest armor harness, orange belt and bracelets, brown lion cloth, brown and yellow boots.

He-Man’s muscular body is also universal between figures using the same sculpt or of a similar build, meaning that parts, such as arms, heads, and legs can be swapped out between him and Skeletor, or most other Masters of the Universe or Masters of the WWE Universe figures as the same design team is working on these lines and made them so that they are all compatible.

He-Man comes with a shield that can fit through his open hand sculpt, an axe, and a half sword that can combine with Skeletor’s.


Skeletor also uses the same sculpt as mentioned, with new armor on his chest, hips and boots, as well as a new head sculpt. This was also done in the 80’s line, and follows what they’re doing now. Skeletor’s skin tone is a bright blue color, with his armor painted in purple and a black lion cloth. The updated articulation works great on him and other figures in the line while paying great tributes to the 80’s counterparts. His head sculpt is also deigned and painted to look like it did on the 80’s figure, with yellow and green deco on his face, red on his eyes, and his mouth in black. He also has a purple hood that covers his skeletal head.

Skeletor includes his staff, and a half sword that can combine with He-Man’s.

Both figures also include the same mini-comic that you can check out in the video.

Both of their articulation includes a ball jointed head, ball hinged shoulders, swivel-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, waist rotation, ball jointed hips, swivel-hinged knees, swivel calves, hinged and rocker ankles.

Overall, He-Man and Skeletor are excellent figures and a great way to kick off the line this year. The quality, updated articulation and 80’s vibe given to the figures is just above and beyond. Make sure to grab these now, and if you can’t find it, don’t worry, it’s coming everywhere in 2021.


Wal-Mart – Exclusive release for 2020

Starting in 2021, you can find these figures at Entertainment EarthBigBadToyStore, Megalopolis: City Of Collectibles, Boop Toys and



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