Mattel’s Upcoming Imaginext Masters Of The Universe Line Could Use The 3″ Figure Treatment

Back in the Summer 0f 2015, I had done a press tour at the Fisher-Price Corporate Office, which you can check out the coverage by clicking HERE. At the time, I was told that I was the first of the toy press community to ever visit the office, which is an honor in itself given the long history of the company. That press tour was certainly a memorable one, where I got to see the office and even sit down with the Imaginext brand team at the time and talk toys.

Since then, I haven’t had the privilege to talk to the team, but this day has stayed in my head for the past five years. Yesterday, the Imaginext team revealed their upcoming Imaginext 10″ XL figures, that includes He-Man, Skeletor and Beast Man, which are coming in 2021. The designs on those are something truly different than what I handed them in 2015, which was a question that a reader sent in, along with the image below at the time (now confirmed to be Richard G. – he designed the images). At the time, they could only archive this in hopes that someday something like this will happen. While 3″ Imaginext figures have not been confirmed, the community remains hopeful.



Yesterday’s reveal included new designs of the Masters of the Universe characters in the Imaginext style, and unfortunately, it looked nothing like the He-Man figure that I presented back in 2015. So, I remain hopeful that Mattel could do something like the 3″ figure that was presented below, as it is a much better likeness to He-Man in this style compared to the 10″ version that they’re doing. The original presentation was for Masters of the Universe vs. DC 2-packs, which would have really been an ideal collection for many.