Power-Con 2020 – From Origins into the Masterverse: Mattel Action Figures Panel Coverage

Power-Con 2020 – From Origins into the Masterverse: Mattel Action Figures Panel Coverage


Mattel’s Masters of the Origins panel is taking place and we’re giving you live updates from the panel.

Wal-Mart will carry these figures in 2020, and these are available everywhere else in 2021.

Panelists: Josh Graham, Ruben Martinez, Robert Rudman, Sam Pak, Roy Juarez, Terry Higuchi

Masters of the Universe is back in stores! The retro-inspired Origins line is bringing He-Man back to his roots. But the power doesn’t end there. The future is huge for the most powerful man in the universe. Stay glued to this panel to find out what is next!

Look for pre-orders on Entertainment EarthBigBadToyStore, Megalopolis: City Of Collectibles and Amazon.com. Additional offerings can be found at Boop Toys.

There will be plenty of product for everyone.

2021 is even bigger.

MOTU Mini’s –

Wave 3 – Slime Pit Theme

Wave 4 – Anti Eternia Theme

Figure and vehicle packs. Roton with Skeletor, Road Ripper with He-Man.

These are $9.99, not blind boxed.

Mini Multiples – Display case for figures – Online only. Exclusive figures – Ram Man variant, Mini-Comic Beast Man

Wal-Martwill have these listed in the Fall.

New wave – 8 new characters in Fall 2020 – Mer-Man, Roboto, Stratos, Ninjor

Origins Deluxe line – Battle Armor He-Man and Skeletor, Clamp Tramp. He-Man comes with vintage toy head


Deluxe Ram Man – Interchangeable head, accessories

New comic for each Deluxe figure


Panthor is NOT FLOCKED – $24.99

Comes in window box package.


Land Shark returns in Origins – $29.99


Rise of Evil 2-Pack – Keldor and Kronos – Target

Panthor – FLOCKED version – Walmart – Spring 2021


Fan’s Choice Winner – 1st appearance Tri-Klops. Look for pre-orders on MastersoftheUniverse.com and for more updates.


MOTU Classics in the minds of Mattel.

Masterverse: The Evolution of He-Man – 7″ scale figures coming Summer 2021

This line will be their adult collector line.



Product availability – Wave 1 will be plentiful. All Wal-Mart‘s and website to get these figures. Mattel is making “a ton of these” – Wave 1 and Wave 2 will be available at all retailers

2021 all retailers – All stores can carry this starting January 1st, 2021

Walmart and Target Exclusives – Scalper Bots concern – These are store exclusives and Mattel hopes to incase sale windows that works for fans.

Mini-Comics – Each comic will stay at 6 pages

She-Ra will be in stores in the Spring 2021

Accessory Packs/Alternate Heads, etc. – Mattel is mindful of this. The Deluxe figures have added pieces, and they will seek more opportunities if these products perform well.

Play sets – Nothing is planned at the moment. These are not out of reach (that sounds promising!)

Mini-Comics – International releases will have no dialog

Masterverse – Heads compatible question with Classics – Mattel cannot comment on anything about this line

He-Man and Skeletor full power swords in Origins – lots of possibilities to do this

International distribution – Dates seem to be changing in the UK. Product is coming to several markets, including the UK. Mattel will keep pushing product and sending it Internationally.

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