Mega Construx Masters Of The Universe Battle Cat Vs. Roton Playset Review


Mega Construx continues to offer more of the iconic characters, vehicles, playsets and now the first beast in the line, Battle Cat. As you are well aware, Masters of the Universe is making its return this year and in such a big way that we haven’t seen since the 1980’s, with retro inspired figures with updated articulation, a full line by Mega Construx, Imaginext XL He-Man, Beast Man, and Skeletor, and even a set of Little People that we’ll also be reviewing shortly. There is lots more coming and this is truly an exciting time for the brand.

This Battle Cat Vs. Roton Playset is surely going to be one of this years most sought after sets along with the Panthor At Point Dread Playset that we’ll also be reviewing. These are just the latest offerings that were just released, and you can check out some more new reveals this summer.

The Battle Cat Vs. Roton Playset is priced at $29.99 and also includes Battle Armor He-Man, and Mer-Man.

Thank you to Mega Construx for providing their The Battle Cat Vs. Roton Playset for review. 

Availability: August 2020



The Battle Cat Vs. Roton Playset is packaged in a box with beautifully done artwork showcasing the figures, and the Roton on the front in an action shot, images on the sides, artwork and images of the figures on the back.

Battle Cat makes his debut in this line and the sculpt and deco on him came out great, as he is painted in his classic green fur with orange stripes. The head sculpt is incredibly detailed with sculpted teeth, a mouth and eyes. The mask and saddle can be placed over him and are cast in a light brown. The armor is placed over Battle Cat, as there are pegs in the bottom of the armor, and holes on the top of Battle Cat’s head and back to insert them into. He-Man can sit on top of Battle Cat, and there are handles on the saddle for him to hold onto.

Battle Cat’s articulation includes a ball jointed head, ball jointed hips, ball jointed ankles, and a ball jointed tail.

Battle Armor He-Man is given shared parts with existing He-Man figures, and includes some new battle armor just like we’ve seen back in the 80’s. This version is a clean version, meaning that it doesn’t have battle damage as that would be another variation of He-Man that we could see down the line. He-Man comes with his axe.

Mer-Man uses shared parts with Stratos, and given a newly tooled head, armor and accessories. The figure is painted in a greenish-blue skin tone, with yellow, blue and metallic copper armor. He includes his sword and spear.

The Roton is about the size of the Wind Raider, and is in its black and red color scheme. The vehicle includes a rotating razor-sharp blades, which are actually made of soft plastic, and this part rotates on the ground as the larger of the two wheels can touch it and the ground. The Roton also has two blasters on the front of the sides, eyes, and can seat one figure such as Mer-Man, Skeletor, Beast Man or another character.

Overall, this is a great offering from Mega Construx and it’s so great to have Battle Cat and the Roton in this line. These are essential to the collection so make sure to pick it up today!


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