Fisher-Price Little People – Masters Of The Universe Box Set Review


Fisher-Price is offering a special collector Little People box set consisting of Masters Of The Universe characters, including He-Man, Man-At-Arms, Skeletor and Beast Man. This set is available now and joins their continuing line of MOTU collectibles that launched this year, including Origins, Mega Construx Construction Sets, and MOTU Mini’s.

Little People is one of the most recognized brands in toys, which started out in the 1960’s as Play Family People, and was originally wooden figures and play sets. Since then, it has changed into plastic and the style of these figures have also changed, with more animated inspired and much better paint applications. These figures are designed for ages 1-101, as specified on the front of the package, which acknowledges on store shelves that adults will also be picking this up in a fun way.

Thank you to Fisher-Price for providing their Collector Little People – Masters of the Universe Box Set for review. 

Availability: August 2020


The Little People Masters of the Universe Box Set is packaged in a window box, with beautifully done artwork on the front with exploding rocks and the MOTU logo, and a look at the figures inside along with Castle Grayskull as the backdrop. What is fun about the front is the age range, which states ages 1-101, as Fisher-Price’s packaging team knows that adults will be buying everything MOTU. The front of the package also shows the figures packaged in a plastic tray, which looks like a figure stand given that the bottom portion of it is green with stones that resemble Castle Grayskull. The back of the box has an animated look at the characters, along with artwork of Snake Mountain and Castle Grauskull, and the purple and green mountains and rocks around them. The sides of the package includes images of the figures, and the FP logo.


Each of the figures are stylized and animated to fit in with the Little People design, and each figure is made of plastic with some excellent paint applications capturing their likenesses. He-Man is the only figure of the set to hold an accessory, which of course is his Power Sword. He-Man is also painted in metallic silver and red chest armor and Power Sword, an orange belt, and wrist bands, and light brown lion cloth and boots. His hair is also yellow, and his facial expression includes a smirk on his face.

Skeletor is painted in his blue skin tone, with a purple hood, armor and boots, and a black lion cloth. His facial deco is painted in a metallic gold, with black and white facial details such as eyes, nose and a mouth.

Man-At-Arms comes in his light yellow and green armor, with yellow arm bands, a blue belt, brown lion cloth, light brown and yellow boots, and a blue helmet with light green stripes. His facial details include a mustache, which covers his mouth, eyes and eye brows in black and white deco.

Beast Man comes in his orange skin tone, with a pale face, red armor with a blue symbol, a beige belt and blue lion cloth. His facial expression is a grin with black and white deco.

Overall, these Little People Masters of the Universe figures by Fisher-Price are a hit, and they have done a remarkable job designing, painting and capturing these iconic characters into this style. For adults and kids alike, it’ll be worth adding this to your collection in this new era of Masters of the Universe toys.


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