Mega Construx Masters Of The Universe Panthor At Point Dread Playset Review


Mega Construx continues to offer more of the iconic characters, vehicles, playsets and now the Point Dread playset joins the line along with Panthor. This set has shipped along with the Battle Cat Vs. Roton Playset and these are surely worth adding to your collection. As you are well aware, Masters of the Universe is making its return this year and in such a big way that we haven’t seen since the 1980’s, with retro inspired figures with updated articulation, a full line by Mega Construx, Imaginext XL He-Man, Beast Man, and Skeletor, and even a set of Little People that we’ll also be reviewing shortly. There is lots more coming and this is truly an exciting time for the brand.

Panthor At Point Dread Playset is priced at $49.99 and also includes Battle Armor Skeletor, Zodac and Temple of Darkness Sorceress.

Thank you to Mega Construx for providing their Panthor At Point Dread Playset for review. 

Availability: August 2020



The Panthor at Point Dread Playset is packaged in a box with beautifully done artwork that features Battle Armor Skeletor riding Panthor as they’re attacking the Talon Fighter, with the Sorceress and Point Dread also shown. The back includes a look at everything inside, along with some more artwork fearing Sorceress, Zodac, Skeletor and Panthor, instructions on placing the Point Dread on Castle Grayskull, and a look at the Battle Cat vs. Roton Set.


Panthor is a repaint of Battle Cat and is offered in his iconic colors, including purple fur (this figure is not flocked), and blue armor that is also repainted from Battle Cat. The head sculpt is incredibly detailed with sculpted teeth, a mouth and eyes. The mask and saddle can be placed over him and are cast in a light brown. The armor is placed over Panthor, as there are pegs in the bottom of the armor, and holes on the top of Battle Cat’s head and back to insert them into. He-Man can sit on top of Panthor, and there are handles on the saddle for him to hold onto.


Battle Armor Skeletor is given shared parts with existing figures, and includes some new battle armor just like we’ve seen back in the 80’s. This version is a clean version, meaning that it doesn’t have battle damage as that would be another variation of Skeletor that we could see down the line. Skeletor comes with his axe. Skeletor is painted in his purple and black armor, with a light blue skin tone, a purple hood with green and yellow deco on the skull, and purple feet.


Zodac makes his debut in this line and comes with his red chest armor with the white symbol, a white belt, grey loincloth and grey feet. His head sculpt includes a great likeness and has his red and grey helmet, with black eyes. Included is his blaster.


The Sorceress, also referred to as the Temple of Darkness Sorceress, is repainted in her white outfit, and is also a repaint from the previous figure that came with Castle Grayskull. Her facial deco and deco is also differently designed, and she also looks like a completely different character. Zoar is also included and is painted white, and he comes with his own stand.


A new Weapons Rak is also included, and this one is painted with blue weapons and a brown rak. This also has fewer accessories on it compared to the version that came with Castle Grayskull.


The key selling point to this set is the Talon Fighter and Point Dread. Obviously, there is a lot offered in this set, but this is where most of the pieces from the set will go to in order to build this. The Talon Fighter is the robotic bird jet that He-Man can control, and it can seat 2 mini-figures inside just like you saw on the classic cartoon and other toys of this that have been offered over the years. The Talon Fighter is blue, orange, yellow and red, and is certainly the most colorful item in this set. The cockpit opens to put the figures inside, and the feet can attack to the Point Dread.



The Point Dread is a small outpost with a rotating computer on one side, and hooks to place accessories on the other. It’s made of many of the same pieces used to build Castle Grayskull, and if you’re unaware, this is meant to be placed on top of Castle Grayskull.


The Talon Fighter and Point Dread are meant to stand on top of the highest point of Castle Grayskull, and in the video we specified how this works as there are some new pieces to attach to the Castle to make this happen. The Talon Fighter and Point Dread make a great addition to Castle Grayskull and the Talon Fighter also adds some color to it. Placing it on top is on the fragile side as this is a construction set, but certainly worth doing if you’re dedicated to owning both sets.

Overall, this is a great offering from Mega Construx and it’s so great to have Panthor, Zodac, Temple of Darkness Sorceress, Talon Fighter, and Point Dread in this line. These are essential to the collection so make sure to pick it up today!


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