Jazwares Fortnite Legendary Series 6″ X-Lord Figure Review


Jazwares is offering some new Fortnite Legendary Series 6″ figures that have recently seen release, including Fishstick, X-Lord, Eternal Voyager, Drift, P-1000 and Doggo. X-Lord is the remixed version of Rust Lord from Season 3, and is part of the Storm Scavengers set, which also includes the Renegade Raider Outfit, the Rust Lord Outfit, the Spiked Satchel Back Bling, the Rust Bucket Back Bling, the Junk Bucket Glider, the Rusty Rider Glider, the Fang Saws dual Harvesting Tool, the Sawtooth Pickaxe, and the Scavenger Wrap.

X-Lord and other figures can be found right now on Amazon for $19.99 each. You can order these by clicking HERE!

Thank you to Jazwares for providing their Fortnite Legendary Series 6″ X-Lord Figure for review. 



Availability: August 2020

X-Lord is packaged on a window box with a blister card in the back. The window is seen on the front and sides, his accessories, and around it is artwork including logos, character design from the game, and the back showcases the character with other offerings below him.


X-Lord features a great sculpt and includes a harness over his torso that has armor and padding to protect him. The armor is painted in white with a light brown wash over it to make it look dirty and battle worn, and is also painted with black straps and red under the armor. Applied to his body are tattoos that are placed on, and are very detailed and nicely done. These are seen on his front, back, and forearm. His helmet is similar to Rust Lord’s, but painted in white, silver and red. It also has spikes on top and comes with the light brown wash painted on to make it look dirty.

He also has a black belt with straps with silver belt buckles, and pouches on his hip and thigh. His pants are painted in a dark grey, and he is given bright red shoes that match the red on the harness and the helmet.

The articulation is the same as other previously offered figures, and he includes a ball jointed head, ball hinged shoulders, swivel biceps, double-hinged elbows, swivel-hinged wrists, hinged fingers, ball jointed torso, swivel waist, ball jointed hips, swivel thighs, double-hinged knees, swivel calves, hinged and rocker ankles, and hinged toes. One thing that always bugs me about the sculpts is the articulation in the hand itself, as the grip isn’t always tight and accessories could fall out. If they can remove that, that would be ideal.

X-Lord includes an assortment of accessories, including his Fang Saws Harvesting Tools, Spiked Satchel Back Bling, Legendary Revolver, Crossbow, and Suppressed Legendary Assault Rifle weapons, and the Mushroom Consumable. The Fang Saws are the perfect accessories for a design like this and make him look tougher and a more fierce looking opponent. 

Overall, X-Lord is an excellent figure and a great character to add to your collection. The overall design and deco is astonishing and this is one of the best eye appealing figures offered in this line. Jazwares continues to offer such great Fortnite characters and the quality of the figures are superb. What is also great about this line is that collectors have been buying these just because these are great toys, even if they never played the Fortnite game. Get going and start supporting this line, and you can these now at the stores listed below:

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