Super7 – ThunderCats Ultimates Wave 1 Mumm-Ra Figure Video Review



In 2016, Mattel introduced a line of ThunderCats Classics action figures that saw release for only that one year. Just before San Diego Comic-Con 2016 took place, news spread that Mattycollector was shut down and that all lines will end at the end of the year, including Masters of the Universe Classics, ThunderCats Classics and more. Getting any information wasn’t easy at the time, especially learning the fates of these lines and how Mattel was planning to offer product, and exactly what product will still see release that year following the abrupt cancellation. Fortunately, everything shown earlier that year was still released by Mattel, with the exception of Grune and Jaga for the ThunderCats line.

Four years later, Super7 comes through and brings back ThunderCats in a new Ultimates line, and the first wave of this is available now. This news came to us back at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, but wasn’t officially announced until Power-Con the following month. Super7 has a lot in store for this line as we’ve seen, including dozens of figures going to be made, and the possibility of the Thundertank, is also trending. This wave also includes Mumm-Ra, Panthro and Jackalman that also saw release in 2016, and you can be sure we’re going to be reviewing those as well.

In this video review, we review the figure as well as some of the history, including a comparison to the one that Mattel put out in 2016. Make sure to check out the video above and let us know what you think of the figure!

Availability: September 2020


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