Jazwares Fortnite Legendary Series 6″ P-1000 Figure Review


Jazwares is offering some new Fortnite Legendary Series 6″ figures that have recently seen release, including Fishstick, X-Lord, Eternal Voyager, Drift, P-1000 and Doggo. In the Season 9 cinematic, Peely gets chopped up or peeled by Jonesy, and then drank as a Smoothie. P-1ooo is created by Jonesy, and he is mostly made out of metal, and includes the Nana Nana sticker and Peely is also given a new smoothie shape head.

P-1ooo and other figures can be found right now on Amazon for $19.99 each.

Thank you to Jazwares for providing their Fortnite Legendary Series 6″ P-1000 Figure for review. 


Availability: August 2020

P-1ooo is packaged on a window box with a blister card in the back. The window is seen on the front and sides, his accessories, and around it is artwork including logos, character design from the game, and the back showcases the character with other offerings below him.


P-1000 is given a brand new sculpt and includes some metal looking parts on his waist and torso, which is made of plastic and painted with a metallic silver. The character no longer looks like a Banana, and now looks more like a robotic soldier given how the arms and legs are shaped. The arms and legs have sculpted grooves, which looks great, and additional detail such as the Nana Nana logo on his chest, the letters BB wit ha blue ribbon around his shoulders, blue circles on his wrists, and an orange wash on his forearms and hands. He is also painted with dark grey shoulders, black fingers, and dark grey feet.


His head sculpt is shaped and looks like a smoothie, which is what Jonesy drank after slicing up Peely. The four facial expressions are very nicely done and each one is unique, and can swivel around. The piece on the back of his head looks like a blender, and most noticeably with the head with the facial details mixing around.


P-1000 includes a Peely Pick Harvesting Tool, Nana Cape Back Bling, Compact Submachine Gun, and Light Machine Gun Weapons. Since he doesn’t have wrist swivel joints, he cannot hold any of these accessories in both hands, which is disappointing given the fact he looks like a robotic army builder character.

The articulation is less than most other figures in the line, and he includes a swivel head, ball hinged shoulders, hinged elbows, hinged wrists, hinged fingers, ball jointed torso, ball jointed hips, hinged knees, swivel calves, hinged and hinged ankles.


Overall, P-1000 is an excellent figure and a great character to add to your collection. The overall design and deco is astonishing and and they did a great job capturing his likeness. Jazwares continues to offer such great Fortnite characters and the quality of the figures are superb. What is also great about this line is that collectors have been buying these just because these are great toys, even if they never played the Fortnite game. Get going and start supporting this line, and you can these now at the stores listed below: