Sideshow Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series – Batman Statue


Sideshow Collectibles are now offering of their Batman: The Animated Series – Batman Statue, and listed it as in-stock. There are two versions offered, with a Collector’s Edition, and an Exclusive Edition that includes a swap out right hand holding a grapple gun. The resin statue stands at 16″ tall on a themed base, and is priced at $415 for the Standard Collector Edition, and $425 for the Sideshow Exclusive Edition.

You can order the Exclusive Edition by clicking HERE! Batman is limited to 1,000, and ships today!

Sideshow is excited to present the first DC collectible in the Animated Series Collection, the Batman Statue.

Inspired by Batman’s iconic animated appearances, this collectible captures the dynamic motion and action-packed energy of the Caped Crusader in a beloved art style.  The Batman Statue measures 16” tall, depicting the Dark Knight taking a running leap off of a Gotham rooftop base as bats take wing into the night.

The resin Batman Statue features a sculpted costume, stylized to capture the movement and striking silhouette of the World’s Greatest Detective.  His grey bodysuit has the animated bat-symbol on the chest along with black gloves and boots, a black sculpted cape, and a yellow utility belt.  Batman’s portrait features a pointed cowl with white eyes and a determined expression as the hero prepares to leap from the rooftops to protect his city from crime.

Animate your DC collectibles display and order the Batman Statue today!