S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Bulma’s Capsule No. 9 Bike Vehicle Review


Inspired from the first episode of Dragon Ball, the prequel to Dragon Ball Z, Bulma’s Bike joins the S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball line by Tamashaii Nations, and is available now. The bike can fit both Bulma and Kid Goku (included as a non-articulated figure). The Capsule No.9 Bike includes a stand set, a swap out skirt piece for Bulma, bike grip hands for Bulma, rotating wheels, and a Kid Goku figure.

Thank you to Bluefin for providing the S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Bulma’s Capsule No. 9 Bike Vehicle for review. 

Availability: November 2020

The S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Bulma’s Capsule No. 9 Bike Vehicle is packaged in a standard window box from the line, with beautifully done artwork and images on the front, sides, and back. The back of the packaging gives you a look at some angles and features of this bike, and the window allows you to see inside and look at part of the bike and Goku. The bike and accessories are packaged in a plastic tray for safe storage, which helps protect it.


Bulma’s Bike is made of high-end quality plastic, and some metal parts, which gives it some weight to this vehicle, which was unexpected after having only seen images of it online and in-person at trade shows. Most of the vehicle is comprised of plastic, with the frame, front fork, muffler, kickstand, and footrest all made of metal. Other parts of the bike also look to be made of metal, but are actually painted in a silver metallic deco, such as the steering wheel and dashboard, as well as the hubcaps.

The bike also includes the Capsule Corp. logo’s on the sides, as well as the back of the acrylic on top. This is nicely applied and looks show-accurate.


The bike features rotating tires, which are made of plastic, a kickstand (made of metal),  swivel handlebars and front tire, and a removable acrylic roof to easily place and remove figures. The body is painted in a shiny white deco, and has some great attention to details such as front and rear lights. The dashboard includes a computer screen as seen in the series. The roof panel and turn signal, head, tale lamp are molded in translucent plastic.


There are three different acrylic flying stands and a base to pose and display this bike, with of the stands straight, and the other two on a slant. The base supports the stands and the bike, and there is a Capsule Corp. logo on it.


Bulma’s Bike comes with Goku, which is scaled down to fit inside the bike from the single package release, and there is an interchangeable seat to plug Goku into the bike. The seat has a peg sticking up, and there is a hole at the bottom of Goku, and once they’re connected, he stays on pretty well. Bulma also comes with an interchangeable skirt so she can fit on the bike, as the skirt she comes with isn’t compatible, and she also gets new interchangeable hand sculpts to hold the handlebars. As a reminder, this Bulma figure is sold separately, and you only get the bike and Kid Goku in this release, along with the accessories shown.



Bulma and Goku fit perfectly inside, and they do look great and show accurate. Bulma’s feet rest on the footrests, and her legs can be positioned to ride the bike. As Goku can only swivel his head, his arms, legs and tail don’t move, but this particular release doesn’t require any articulation as all he does is right the bike. Goku only has the one facial expression, and Bulma’s single packaged release comes with three, so there is some great options to display her on this.


Overall, the S.H. Figuarts Dragon Ball Bulma’s Capsule No. 9 Bike Vehicle by Tamashaii Nations is an excellent and beautiful offering that every Dragon Ball fan should buy, The bike features great attention to detail, high-end quality, and makes a great display piece in this collection. Hopefully, this is only the first Dragon Ball vehicle in the line, and we’re hopeful that more Capsule 9 offerings are coming. Make this years holiday rememberable and pick this up and more offerings today.


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