Playmobil 70574 Back To The Future Advent Calendar Video Unboxing & Review


Playmobil is offering a Back To The Future Advent Calendar as part of the 35th Anniversary of the franchise, and this set offers an assortment of figures and accessories inspired from the film. This set also joins The Delorean and the Marty McFly and Doc Brown 2-Pack. This set also includes a Hill Valley Courthouse diorama that you assemble, to use to display your figures and the accessories.



Count down to the holidays with the Playmobil 70574 Back to the Future Advent Calendar! All of your favorites from the 1985 film are here. 1955 versions of Dr. Emmett Brown, Biff Tannen, and Marty McFly include awesome accessories like a skateboard. 1985 isn’t left out, though, because Doc and Marty are back with their time machine test radiation suit, plus there’s another Marty with Jennifer Parker. The set includes a Lone Pine Mall sign, a bench, and a big Hill Valley backdrop.

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Availability: November 2020

The Back To The Future Advent Calendar is packaged in a box with nicely done artwork on the front, giving you a look at everything inside. On the back, is a breakdown of everything inside with numbers next to them that tells you what is inside each tab.


The Hill Valley Courthouse diorama is made of a thin cardboard that folds up to create this 3D piece. Most of this is done by one piece that folds together, with the front of it placed and folds up to the roof and in front of the columns. This includes stairs that go straight down are don’t individually fold, and nicely done artwork of the building, trees, grass, and concrete giving it a nice scenery and detail. Since this building is made of thin cardboard, it’s flimsy and tears easily, and the ground is curved upwards as it was packaged that way in the box, so you don’t get that flat ground and perfectly put together building as seen on the box.


Additionally, this comes with an antenna, a piece of the street with tire marks that were left behind as the DeLorean was going back through time while speeding, and a light post that is a separately done piece. Once you take everything out of the Advent Calendar, you get a lightning rod, string and a electricity piece that is used to power up the DeLorean.

Each of the figures and accessories in this set can be used to place around the Hill Valley Courthouse and are based on various scenes from the film. Included is Marty and Doc in the radiation suits with removable helmets and accessories, 1985 Jennifer Parker with a purse and books, 1985 Marty with a blue jacket, jeans, and sunglasses, 1955 Doc, 1955 Marty with his skate board, and 1955 Biff Tanner. Each of these accessories have head sculpts and details that are stylized in the classic Playmobil style.

Some additional accessories include a park bench, stereo system, a Lone Pine Mall sign and more. See the video for a closer look at all the accessories.

Overall, this is a fantastic set with a great selection of characters, accessories, and a great way to display it. This is surely going to be a must-buy for all BTTF fans as it gives you that Hill Valley Courthouse diorama. This is an an incredible bargain as you get a lot packaged into this, especially as it comes with all of these figures.


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