Hobby Link Japan Offers 20% Off Coupon, New Sale Going On Now


Hobby Link Japan is offering 20% off after you ship an item from a new order, or an order already in your Private Warehouse. In addition, they are offering sales on select items. You can check out all the details and sale items by clicking HERE!

2020 is finally behind us! Let’s forget about it and move on! To make way for the new year, we’re clearing out some older memories and we want to hook you up if you help us out. Just ship any item linked below by January 14th, and we’ll give you a 20% off coupon that you can use once ANY TIME in 2021, for ANY products, INCLUDING preorders!

We’re offering deals on this select group of items while supplies last, so grab something new, or ship a qualifying item already in your Private Warehouse out today so you can get an even greater deal on your next order! Check out the sale by clicking HERE!

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