Bandai America Dragon Ball Stars Series 17 – Goku Figure Review


Bandai America is offering series 17 of their popular Dragon Ball Stars line, which includes Goku, Vegeta and Gotenks. Both Goku and Vegeta are new versions with their black hair, and Gotenks also is offered in black hair. This wave appears to still be upcoming as solicitations are not yet live as a U.S. release, but does appear to be available in other countries at the moment.



Thank you to Bandai America for providing their Dragon Ball Stars Series 17 Goku Figure for review. 

Availability: November 2020

Goku is packaged in the standard window box packaging, with each figure protected in a plastic tray along with their accessories. The artwork on the packaging is nicely done, with images of the characters on the side, and images of series 17 and 18 on the back.


Goku is an all new figure that is has a much better likeness to the series, with an all new sculpt, including head sculpt. The head sculpt is much more accurate to the series, with nicely done facial details and more dynamic black hair. The outfit is given brand new deco, and is painted in orange, dark and light blue, with yellow laces on the boots. Every aspect about the figure is new compared to the first Goku figure offered in this line, with different tones and an overall better execution throughout.


This Goku figure is probably going to be a much desired figure, along with this waves Vegeta figure as it gives you a much needed update to the line. Just look at all the differences between these two versions, and it’s long overdue to get a Goku figure with this likeness in the line.

Over the years, Dragon Ball Stars has come a long way, and Bandai America has done a fantastic job on likenesses and character selection from a number of series and movies. While Goku and other members of the Z Fighters have been a focal point, including variations of them such as Super Saiyan’s, Super Saiyan God, and Fusion variations, we got some additional characters such as Android’s 17 and 18, Cell, Frieza, Kid Buu, Cooler, Jiren, Kale, Cabba, Hit and others. There are still so many characters to choose from, and since Dragon Ball Super aired, Bandai America has been hitting this line pretty hard with characters from that, while briefly moving away from Dragon Ball Z and the movies for the moment.


Going back to Goku, this figure is perfect, and you couldn’t ask for a better representation of the character. The sculpt is basically flawless, with all the great details and likeness, and while you may already have a library of Goku figures with black hair in your collection, this one is much needed as it stands out on its own.

Goku comes with two sets of interchangeable hand sculpts, including closed fisted, and open hands.

Overall, Goku is a terrific figure, with a great sculpt and likeness to the series. This is one Goku figure that you don’t want to miss. Check out daily for updates on when pre-orders for him and the rest of series 17 are available, as these haven’t hit the U.S. yet.


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