Four Horsemen Studios – Mythic Legions Tactics – War of the Aetherblade Game & Figures


The Four Horsemen have launched a new fundraiser to launch a brand new Mythic Legions video game that they created, along with a line of brand new Mythic Legions figures inspired from the game.

Through this crowdfunding campaign we’re offering Mythic Legionnaires the chance to get in on the ground floor of the game, and have a serious impact on its overall development and design.  Fans will be able to get behind the scenes access to the game from its earliest stages to the final release. Along the way you’ll be able to vote on key story decisions, help us choose which characters will appear next, and more!  

You can even LITERALLY get your face into the game. One of the reward tiers will allow you to add your face to the custom characters selection screen – making you the face of a customizable player character!

Oh…and did we mention new Orc and Elf Legion Deluxe Builder Sets? These can be included as a Reward and extras can be added to a pledge!

For additional details, check out forgehorsemen and back this game and figures. The pledges for the game start at $30, and $54 for a single figure. There are all-in packages, have your likeness added to the line, and to create your own character in the game.

At this time, they need your help to fund this. They are currently at over $60,000, and require $100,000 to fund this.

Additional Mythic Legions figures can be found at BigBadToyStore.