Jazwares – Fortnite Legendary Series 6″ Scale Kit Oversized Figure Pre-Orders At Amazon


Jazwares upcoming Fortnite Legendary Series 6″ Scale Kit Oversized Figure is available to pre-order now at Amazon for $24.99. He is expected to ships by March 5th-7th, 2021. In the game, Kit is the next generation of Meowscles who built a mechanical suit for him to ride on. His mechanical suit can turn in a one wheel motorcycle using his Built-In Emote, Go Cat Go.

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  • Highly-Detailed Figure! Kit Legendary Series Brawlers figure is highly-detailed and is inspired by one of the most popular Outfits from Epic Games’ Fortnite!
  • Articulated to the Max! Kit features 38 points of articulation so you can recreate your favorite Fortnite moments and stands at about 7” adding relative scale to the Legendary Series! Kit also transforms to recreate the Go Cat Go Emote!
  • Fully Kitted! This set includes two feature weapons: a Double Barrel Shotgun with a barrel that opens and a Grappler that really shoots!