Wal-Mart Exclusive Beast Wars, TVC, Real Ghostbusters Ecto-1 & War for Cybertron Figure Pre-Orders


Wal-Mart is slowly putting up pre-orders right now of what should have been an easy thing at 1pm EST today, and to help you out, I have complied a list of links to help you obtain the toys you want.

Update: As of 2:25 pm EST, every figure is up for pre-order, and all the links have been added –

Real Ghostbusters  

Ecto-1 – $39.99

Fearsome Flush – $14.92

Bug Eye – $14.92

Beast Wars

Optimus Primal – $49.99

Megatron – $49.67

Rattrap – $22.87

Cheetor – $22.97

Optimus Primal/Rattrap 2-pack – $39.73


The Vintage Collection

Paploo – $12.93

Endor Leia – $12.93

AT-ST Driver – $12.93


War for Cybertron

Leader Class Spoiler Pack – $59.92

Sparkless Seeker Battle 3-Pack – $39.87


For product images and to pre-order, visit the order pages by clicking the hyperlinks above.

Note – At no extra cost to you, we collect a small commission on referred sales and would greatly appreciate it if you click off of the hyperlinks before you shop. Thank you in advance.