Mattel – Masters Of The Universe: Origins Clamp Champ Figure Review


Mattel’s Masters Of The Universe: Origins Deluxe figures are starting to ship to stores, and you can find Battle Armor He-Man, Battle Armor Skeletor, Ram Man and Clamp Champ now, along with additional figures, vehicles, and the Castle Grayskull playset (check out the review on that here!). Clamp Champ is inspired from his release in 1987, and given the updated articulation while keeping that retro vibe to the design. Included with Clamp Champ is his power pincher, a clamp, interchangeable heads and an extra hand, along with a mini-comic (see the video for a closer look at the mini-comic).



Thank you to Mattel for providing Clamp Champ for review. 

Availability: April 2021

Clamp Champ is packaged on a retro inspired blister card, with beautifully done artwork on the front, and the back features an action shot of him facing off against Ninjor with King Randor by his side. Also shown is a description, images and text that show how the power pincher works, and a look at additional characters that are new for 2021.

Clamp Champ uses shared parts with He-Man and other Masters of the Universe: Origins figures, and is given two new head sculpts, newly tooled chest armor, and newly tooled accessories. The base of the body is shared with He-Man, and is compatible with Origins and Masters of the WWE Universe figures as the arms, heads, hands, hips and boots can be swapped out with each other. Clamp Champ is inspired from his 1987 release and given the updated articulation for today’s style. Clamp Champ’s armor is removable and made of a soft plastic, with nicely done sculpted details and patterns. The armor is painted in a light blue, with metallic silver on top around the head.

Just like his 80’s release, he comes with a red lion cloth, red cuffs, black boots, metallic silver belt, and metallic silver bracelets. His head sculpts are each given a unique expression, with one a smirk, and the other a grin.


Included with Clamp Champ is an interchangeable open grip hand, a mini-comic, instructions of what body parts can be interchangeable with other figures, a clamp and his power pincher. The power pincher springs out by pressing the button on top, and can grab onto another figure.


Overall, Clamp Champ is a great figure and a welcome addition to the line. He is part of the deluxe offerings, and is shipping with Ram Man. You can find him now for pre-order at the stores listed below:


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