Mattel – Masters Of The Universe: Origins Tri-Klops Figure Review

Mattel – Masters Of The Universe: Origins Tri-Klops Figure Review


Mattel’s Masters of the Universe: Origins Tri-Klops figure is part of wave 4, which also includes Stratos, Hordak, and Ninjor as part of the standard line-up. Tri-Klops and the rest of the wave are started to show up in stores, but your best bet of finding him right now is to pre-order at one of the online stores listed below.

Tri-Klops is inspired from his release in 1983 from the vintage line, and all of the element from that figure is brought into this one, with the improved articulation while keeping that retro vibe to the design. Tri-Klops includes his sword, and a mini-comic. If you haven’t noticed, the Warrior’s Ring that came with the ’83 release is missing in this new offering.


Thank you to Mattel for providing Tri-Klops for review. 

Availability: April 2021

Tri-Klops is packaged on a retro inspired blister card, with beautifully done artwork on the front, and the back features an action shot of him facing firing his laser eye blast at He-Man and BattleCat. Also shown is a description, images and text that show how the power pincher works, and a look at additional characters that are new for 2021.

Tri-Klops uses shared parts with He-Man and other Masters of the Universe: Origins figures, and has a newly tooled head sculpt, newly tooled chest armor, and a newly tooled sword that is unique to him. The base of the body is shared with He-Man and other characters, and is compatible with Origins and Masters of the WWE Universe figures as the arms, heads, hands, hips and boots can be swapped out with each other. Tri-Klops is inspired from his 1983 release and given the updated articulation for today’s style. The armor is removable and made of a soft plastic, and is painted in green and orange. This almost matches the green on the visor and sword, and the orange on the belt, and bracelets. The lion cloth, boots and back of the head, including the hair is painted in black, with the hair sculpted, while the helmet part of the visor is flat.

Just like his ’83 release, the visor can rotate manually to three different eyes, each with a different design. The head sculpt is also given a new sculpt to the mouth, with the white teeth showing as he’s grinning. The original 1983 release had a closed mouth.

Tri-Klops includes a sword, which you can place on the back of the armor, a mini-comic, and an instruction sheet showing the interchangeable body parts.

Overall, Tri-Klops is a great figure and a welcome addition to the line. The likeness looks great and they did a remarkable job on him. You can find him now for pre-order at the stores listed below:


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