Mattel – Masters Of The Universe Origins Land Shark Vehicle Review

Mattel – Masters Of The Universe Origins Land Shark Vehicle Review


Mattel has brought back the Land Shark as part of their Masters Of The Universe Origins line-up for 2021, which is based on the 1985 release that was part of the vintage line. The Land Shark features adjustable laser cannons and opening jaws that chomp up and down as its wheels turn. The vehicle is compatible with the 5.5″ Origins line, and would also fit your vintage inspired figures from the 1980’s.



Thank you to Mattel for providing their Masters Of The Universe Origins Land Shark Vehicle for review. 

Availability: March 2021

The Land Shark is packaged in a window box with beautifully done retro inspired artwork, showing Snake Mountain, and Skeletor riding the Land Shark on top, additional artwork is below that with Clawful and Trap Jaw, and a preview of the chopping feature is shown at the bottom left side of the box. The sides include creatures that live around Snake Mountain, and the back gives you more great artwork, including a description, and a look at additional figures and Castle Grayskull that are out now.


The Land Shark features an impressive design, with the head of the shark making up the first half of the vehicle, which features the chopping action when you push the vehicle forward. The jaws, and inside details of the mouth are nicely done, with sculpted patterns and bolts making it look like metal. The shape of the head also looks great and has details including nostrils, gills, and even a fin on top. The eyes are stickers, that have been put on in the factory where it was made.

The second hand of it features tank treads, laser cannons, a seat, and controls that are a sticker sheet. The seat is compatible with Origins as well as the vintage line of the 80’s, and if you haven’t yet heard, you can even put a Masters of the Universe Classics figure inside, but keep in mind this is for the smaller figure scale, so a 7″ scale figure will stick up a bit more than the 5.5″ Origins or Vintage line. The tank treads came out great and feature some nicely done sculpted details. The left side of his comes unassembled in the package, and you have to manually connect it, and the laser cannon snaps into the top of it. The back of this vehicle is also stickers, with a jet, and various details as part of the artwork of the stickers. The laser cannons can also be raised and lowered manually.

The Land Shark is mostly made of up of several colors, including the light purple shark head, red teeth and inside the mouth, blue tank treads, light grey laser cannons, and a dark grey engine in the back.

Overall, the Land Shark is a great vehicle and fits in perfectly with the Masters of the Universe: Origins line, while paying a homage to the 1985 release. It’s a highly recommend purchase, so make sure to add this one to your growing collection.


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