Hasbro Transformers War for Cybertron: Kingdom Airazor Figure Review

Hasbro Transformers War for Cybertron: Kingdom Airazor Figure Review


Beast Wars is back just in time for the 25th Anniversary of the series, and 35th Anniversary of Transformers: Generation One in their War for Transformers Cybertron: Kingdom line. This introduces these characters to an entire new generation of fans. Transformers War for Cybertron: Kingdom is part of the six part trilogy that began with Transformers: Combiner Wars in 2015, and these line have been paying homages to many of the 1980’s and 1990’s iconic Transformers toys from those era’s. Kingdom is the last part of this part in Transformers history, and we’ll also be getting a new series on Netflix in July 2021, which you can bet these Beast Wars characters will be part of!

Airazor is one of the original Beast Wars characters making her return to figure form for the first-time in 24 years, since she was first released in 1997. Airazor can transform into a Peregrine Falcon, and comes with a Golden Disc card, and two Photon Blasters.


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Availability: April 2021

Airazor is packaged in the deluxe size window box, with nicely done artwork and logo’s on the front, images of her inspired from the Netflix series on the right, a group shot of characters on the left, images of the figure in both modes and more artwork on the back.


Airazor is inspired from the War for Cybertron: Kingdom series coming to Netflix, and pays homage to Transformers Beast Wars series of the 1990’s. In robot mode, there are ports on her forearms for the Photon Blasters that you would recall her using in the Beast Wars series. Her robot arms and legs are painted in light and dark grey, orange and yellow. Her head sculpt is nicely detailed and gives a good likeness to the character, and she is painted with a metallic purple face, as well as metallic gold and orange. The wings are on her back and are articulated, allowing you to move them while she’s in the air flying above.



Airazor was first released as a basic figure in 1997 in the original Beast Wars line, then offered as a deluxe figure in the Transmetals offerings the following year. While she was not a Transmetal in the show (at least not until her spark was joined with Tigatron that created the character Tigerhawk), she appeared in her season 1 form. This figure is far more complex in design and transformation than the previously offered basic figure, and she requires 22 steps to transform, while the basic figure only needed a few steps. The design and sculpt on this new release is much more accurate to the source material, especially the head sculpt, wings and accessory.



In beast mode, she transforms into an Eagle, and interestingly enough both figures are roughly the same size in this mode. Given the fact that the basic Airazor is smaller than the new deluxe figure, they are close to size in this mode, including the wingspan and height. Some differences include the color differences, the jaw is not articulated like it is on the 1997 Airazor figure, amount of points of articulation on the wings, and size of the tail.

Her ankles are also a bit loose, meaning it can be sometimes difficult to get her to stand.

Overall, Airazor is a great figure with an excellent sculpt, deco and overall character likeness that is also long overdue for a modern day update. This is surely the Airazor figure you’ve been waiting 25 years for, so make sure to pick her up and other Beast Wars characters while you can.


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