Mattel – Jurassic Park Amber Collection Ellie Sattler & John Hammond Figure Pre-Orders & More


Mattel continues their Jurassic World Amber figure collection with two more upcoming figures, including Ellie Sattler and John Hammond from the first Jurassic Park film in 1993. We’ve previously seen that Dr. Ian Malcolm will be getting a new figure, along with Ray Arnold also from the first Jurassic Park film are joining this line, and now we’re two steps closer to a complete collection of the original cast.

Both Ellie Sattler and John Hammond and up for pre-order on site sponsor Entertainment Earth for $21.99 each, with an expected shipping date of July 2021. You can pre-order these figures, and a few more new listings now by clicking HERE! Obviously, images of these figures are not yet shown.

Update: BigBadToyStore have also opened pre-orders for both Ellie Sattler and John Hammond for $24.99 each, along with pre-orders for a Velociraptor from Jurassic Park III, and a Dimorphodon 2-pack for $34.99 each.

Relive the exciting big-screen action with the Jurassic World Amber Collection! This collection spans the film franchise and features highly collectible and extremely posable action figures with authentic decoration and deluxe detail. Figures are approximately 6-in/15.24-cm tall and include an extra pair of hands and an accessory. Also includes a display stand for the figure.