Hasbro Transformers War for Cybertron: Kingdom Ractonite Figure Review

Hasbro Transformers War for Cybertron: Kingdom Ractonite Figure Review


Beast Wars is back just in time for the 25th Anniversary of the series, and 35th Anniversary of Transformers: Generation One in their War for Transformers Cybertron: Kingdom line. This introduces these characters to an entire new generation of fans. Transformers War for Cybertron: Kingdom is part of the six part trilogy that began with Transformers: Combiner Wars in 2015, and these line have been paying homages to many of the 1980’s and 1990’s iconic Transformers toys from those era’s. Kingdom is the last part of this part in Transformers history, and we’ll also be getting a new series on Netflix in July 2021, which you can bet these Beast Wars characters will be part of!

Ractonite is a brand new character introduced in the Kingdom line, and is a Predacon fossilized character that is part of the deluxe wave 2 figure offerings.



Thank you to Hasbro for providing their Transformers War for Cybertron: Kingdom Ractonite Figure for review. 

Availability: April 2021

Ractonite is packaged in the deluxe size window box, with nicely done artwork and logo’s on the front, images of her inspired from the Netflix series on the right, a group shot of characters on the left, images of the figure in both modes and more artwork on the back.


Ractonite is a Fossilizer, allowing him to be converted into weapons and armor used by other characters, such as Huffer as the instructions specify. In robot mode, he has some robotic components, but mostly you see the skeletal detail and deco used for his beast mode. One of the arms is given the sword, which can be placed in one of his hands, but the other hand is left with a peg sticking out with nothing to use as a weapon. Unlike most Transformers figures, his ability to break apart and be converted to something else is unique, rather than simply transforming him from robot to beast modes. The robot mode includes a head, with red eyes that was also given to the head in beast mode. All of his parts are universal, such as the pegs and holes, allowing each part, including accessories from other characters to be used in connection with him, to create something completely out of the ordinary for the line. Also in robot mode, he is given a flip-down head, or at the very least a mask to cover his face that is somewhat similar to the Mutant Head gimmick in the vintage Beast Wars line.

The beast mode is nicely done, and the head has three horns, and other nicely detailed parts, including a Predacon logo on his body in purple. The articulation is also standard for the line, so even though he breaks apart, they didn’t sacrifice the articulation at all. The beast mode is nicely done, and he includes a hinged jaw, and a solid sculpt.

The paint apps are great, and are given various shades of light and dark grey, along with the red eyes in both modes, and the purple Predacon logo.

There are several alternate modes that the instructions specify, and each one can be used by Huffer as the instructions suggest. Each of these modes are given parts that have some weight to it, and some of these may be difficult for him to hold up at first, so you’ll have to carefully pick a pose that allows him to balance the weight of the accessory. This mostly includes the hammer from the first image, the sword in the second, and the mace in the third image. The head for the beast mode can be used as a shield, for Huffer, or another character. In the video, I specified that Dinobot can use the beast mode head, but the same could be said about the entire sculpt as the parts are universal, and work with most figures in the Kingdom line (most likely other lines like War for Cybertron: Siege, War for Cybertron: Earthrise, Transformers Movie ’86 Studio Series and maybe a few others as the same designer/team worked on these lines.

Overall, Ractonite is a great figure with an excellent sculpt, deco and overall a great addition to the line. The ability to use the parts of this figure for other characters enhances play value and display, and they surely did a great job on this figure. Big shout out to John W. formally of the Transformers team for his amazing work, and best wishes to him on Gi Joe, Power Rangers and Ghostbusters!


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