Four Horsemen Studios – Mythic Legions Deluxe Legion Builder Wave 1


Over the weekend, our friends the Four Horsemen announced during a live video of their Mythic Legions Deluxe Legion Builder wave, which are perfect for army builders looking to build the ranks for their already growing collection.

If you watched the live feed, they announced each character separately, which led to the pre-order for each figure on Source Horsemen. These Legion Builders are also slightly discounted compared to previous Mythic Legions figures, allowing you to the option to buy more if you choose. Each of the standard size figures are $26, the Half-Giant figure is $40, and the Accessory Pack is $25.

  • Barbarian Legion Builder
  • Dark Templar Legion Builder
  • Deluxe Dwarf Legion Builder
  • Deluxe Gladiator Legion Builder
  • Deluxe Goblin Legion Builder
  • Deluxe Skeleton Legion Builder
  • Deluxe Half-Giant Legion Builder
  • Deluxe Ogre Legion Builder Accessory Pack (figure not included)

The figures will be available to pre-order until May 31st at 9 PM EST, only at Source Horsemen. Look for these to ship in Q4, 2021.