NECA Toys Toony Terrors Series 5 Figures Review


NECA Toys continues their popular Toony Terrors line-up of cartoonish looking horror characters, with this new wave consisting of Bloody Ash from Evil Dead 2, a Bloody Tears Michael Myers from Halloween 2, The Creep from The Creepshow TV Series, and Ghostface from Scream. This series is available now, and each figure comes with accessories specific for them.


Thank you to NECA Toys for providing their Toony Terrors Series 5 figures for review. 

Availability: April 2021

The Toony Terrors figures are packaged on a blister card packaging with a bonus cutout backdrop that are based on their film. Just like the figures, the backdrops are also animated inspired and can be used for display and as a diorama for the figures.


Ash is repainted with blood splatter on his shirt, arms, chainsaw and face, and uses the same sculpt as previously offered. The figure features an animated likeness of actor Bruce Campbell, that portrayed Ash in the Evil Dead films, and television series. Ash includes a good likeness, with sculpted black hair, nicely done facial details, Ash is in his iconic blue shirt, brown pants, and black shoes, and he also has the shotgun holster on his back with straps around his chest. As mentioned above, the blood splatter is new for this release. The chainsaw is attached to his right wrist, and is painted in red, black and grey, with a grey blade. The shotgun is removable from his back and can be placed in his left hand. His articulation includes a swivel neck, swivel shoulders, swivel left elbow, and swivel hips. The shotgun holster can also swivel on his back.


Michael Myers is based on the classic Halloween 2 film and offered in this new animated style. The figure is sculpted and painted in a dark blue jumpsuit, light blue under shirt, with some new blood spattered on his shirt and back. and brown shoes with black lining. His head sculpt included his iconic white mask, with brown hair that is sculpted back, and his skin can be seen below the mask, and his hands. Included with Michael Myers is a knife that also has some blood on it, andt has a black handle, and grey blade. He also comes with a pumpkin with a skull on it, which was also previous offered.

His articulation includes a swivel head, swivel shoulders, and swivel hips.


The Creep is new to this wave, and is the only figure that comes with a stand. He needs this in order to stand, and even with it, he tends to lean towards his side. The figure is in a light brown robe, with a beige flesh tone. Both of his feet have the holes on the bottom, but only the right foot (or your left), is compatible with the peg on the base. The facial details are nicely done, and features a great likeness to the character. He comes with a lantern that he holds in his left hand, which is painted mostly in black, with yellow indicating light.

His articulation includes a swivel head, swivel shoulders, and swivel elbows.

Ghostface is also new to this wave, and just like The Nun, he is sculpted in a running pose as if he’s chasing a victim. He is in his black robe, with a white mask that has blacked out eyes and mouth. He is also given brown boots, and the robe includes nicely done sculpted details at the bottom just like you remember from the film. He includes a knife that is painted with blue deco, which can be held in his left hand.

His articulation includes a swivel head, swivel shoulders, and swivel wrists.

Overall, Series 5 is an excellent wave with a great assortment of characters, all of which you need to add to your collection. Getting these new versions of Ash and Michael are great and nice looking variants. The Creep and Ghostface add something new to the line, and these two iconic characters make great additions to the line. Make sure to get this wave now, and you can find these at the stores listed below:


Entertainment Earth


Hobby Link Japan

Things From Another World

Zavvi – U.S./Canada

Zavvi – U.K.