Premium Bandai – S.H. Figuarts Bulma -Journey to Planet Namek Figure Pre-Orders


Premium Bandai are accepting pre-orders for their exclusive S.H. Bulma Journey to Planet Namek figure that is inspired from the Frieza Saga on the Dragon Ball Z series. Bulma comes in a long yellow vest, black sleeves, and pants, and orange boots. She includes a hatted head, dragon radar, backpack, fanny pack and the last Namekian Dragonball from the saga, the 7 star. Bulma is priced at $62 and is expected to ship in November 2021.

Her official start time is 9pm EST today, and you can pre-order her by clicking HERE!

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BigBadToyStore also has pre-orders.

From Dragon Ball Z, BULMA – Journey to Planet Namek – is released from S.H.Figuarts brand.

You can choose between hat-on and hat-off heads and also attach a backpack and a fanny pack.

It also comes with the seven-star Namekian dragon ball, which completes the collection of all seven Namekian dragon balls.

Product Description

・Main body
・Exchangeable left hand x 2, Exchangeable right hand x 3
・Exchangeable expression parts x 3
・Exchangeable head with a hat
・Dragon Radar
・Fanny pack
・Namekian Dragon Ball (seven stars)

Product Material: PVC・ABS
Product Size: Height: approx 5.5inch
Target Age: For ages 15 and over.