Extreme-Sets – Sector 06 Vision Pop Up Diorama Review

Extreme-Sets – Sector 06 Vision Pop Up Diorama Review


Extreme-Sets is offering a new wave of diorama sets to enhance your photography and toy displays. This new wave also includes 1:12 scale Subway 3.0, Building 6.0, Police Station, and Lobby. There are also two offered for the 1:18 scale, including Building 6.0 and Police Station. All of these and more can be ordered now at Extreme-Sets.com.

We have an exclusive coupon code for readers – use toyhype for 15% off your order at Extreme-Sets.com now. In addition, they are also offering 25% off on orders over $120 USD when you sign up for their newsletter at this time.Sector 06 Vision is priced at $59.99 before the discount.


The next stop on the action figure journey through the Multiverse stops off at the Subway terminal 3.0 Pop-Up Diorama. This Pop-Up is the one stop station on your journey through toy photography.

The 3.0 Terminal features four highly detailed panels to give your toy photo a great background while waiting on the train to arrive. The two 3D columns give your action figure a place to lean on while the train is running behind. The three ground panels give your figure the perfect platform to walk around on. And the 3D staircase serves as the perfect entry or exit way for your action figures to travel to and from as they continue on the journey.


  • Made of cardboard
  • Create the ultimate environment experience for your action figures
  • Endless possibility of recreating
  • Impressive see-through hologram
  • Sliding open doors
  • Combine with Sector 07 Modular Panels Diorama
  • All panels are double-sided


  •  One (1) double-sided large opening door 12.5″ tall x 16.5″ wide x 3.5″ deep (Right out of box easy assembly)
  •  One (1) double-sided small opening door 12.5″ tall x 16.5″ wide x 3.5″ deep (Right out of box easy assembly)
  •  Three (3) double-sided panels 12.5″ tall x 7.5″ wide x 3.5″ deep
  •  Four (4) 12” wide x 19” long ground panels
  •  Three (3) double-sided 3.5” wide x 12.5” tall x 2″ deep panels (Right out of box easy assembly)


  • 1:12 – This product is to scale to all 6″-7” action figures.

Thank you to Extreme-Sets for providing their Sector 06 Vision Pop Up Diorama for review. 

Availability: April 2021


Sector 06 Vision Diorama features the likeness of a space station or some kind of underground bunker that is meant as a base of operations. The artwork includes a nice realistic tone and look to it. This diorama includes a small and larger opening doors with the option to close it off with a piece of cardboard inserted into it. On both of them the opening allows you to display figures in front of the door, on it and behind it if opened.

The walls are nicely done and has the same dark tones as the doors, and there are three panels of two different sizes each, including three at 12.5″ tall x 7.5″ wide x 3.5″ deep, and three at 3.5” wide x 12.5” tall x 2″ deep panels. These panels as meant to be walls that go next to the opening doors. There are also four floor panels that can connect, with the same artwork and dark tones that are consistent throughout the diorama.

Since this is a station, we found that characters and deep space situations work best with it, including movie, video game and comic based figures. Like other sets, this is to scale with 6″ – 8″ figures from a variety of companies that offer this scale. The set is also customizable with the option of the modular panels, which are also double-sided and extends the walls allowing more display and play room. Since there are eight ground panels (some can be used as a ceiling), these are 12″ x 19″, you can create a big area for the walls, doors and whatever else your hart desires. For these purposes, we chose to include Hasbro’s Star Wars The Black Series, NECA Predator, Alien and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures to display around it. These lines and others works great and create a new options for toy photography.

Overall, Extreme-Sets have once again outdone themselves and this is truly an amazing set with a lot of great display, play and photography options. The artwork is amazing, great quality and we love the table with the computer screen. This is definitely something you need to own.



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