Playmobil Dino Rise 70629 Deinonychus: Ready for Battle Set Review


Playmobil is offering a new line of dinosaur figures called Dino Rise, with includes dinosaurs and human characters, with some of the humans riding some of the larger dinosaurs. This concept is best remembered to fans as DinoRiders in the 1980’s, which was a toyline of this same idea. This new line gives you that same concept, with an assortment of characters, dinosaurs, weapons and accessories that is geared towards kids, but also could be ideal for adult collectors that remembers the old 1980’s line.

This set featured in this review is Uncle Bob and the Deinonychus, which is one of the smaller sets offered. This set has 19 pieces and is priced at $19.99.

Terrible lizards and big cannons merge in the Playmobil 70629 Deinonychus: Ready for Battle! Uncle Rob is the smart guy in the Dino Team. Thanks to his clever ideas, the heroes were able to equip their dinos with cool combat gear to be able to stand up to the battle runners. With the additional modules, the dinos are not only better protected, but also stronger in attack and can defend themselves against the seemingly overpowering robots with firearms. At his side, the resourceful tinkerer has a faithful Deinonychus. Of course, Uncle Rob has also designed extra-strong armour and a mount for cannons for his dino companion. The two are an unbeatable team.

Thank you to Playmobil for providing their Dino Rise 70629 Deinonychus: Ready for Battle Set for review. 

Availability: June 2021

The Dino Rise 70629 Deinonychus: Ready for Battle Set is packaged in a box with some great artwork that showcases this set in an apocalyptic backdrop, along with details about the set on the front, sides, and on the back is a look at the accessories, along with other sets that are also available.

Uncle Rob is the designer and have created the armor and weapons for the Deinonychus. The figure comes with a tool belt that you can place three of his tools on, with two on the front, and the saw on his back. His head sculpt includes red hair and a beard, glasses, a green shirt, brown pants, and black boots, with details on the clothing with paint applications.

He includes 6 tools, a tool chest, and a sheet of instructions for the armor and weapons.

The Deinonychus is one of the smaller dinosaurs offered in this line, and features blue skin with sculpted details, greenish-yellow stripes and blue patterns on his skin. The figure includes a hinged jaw, with great facial details, as well as a double missile launcher attached to armor that can be placed on his back. The missiles can be removed manually, and don’t actually shoot out, due to the fact that this is a kids line and flying missiles can be unsafe for kids.

Overall, this is a fun set, and a great companion piece for the larger scale dinosaur figures that we’ll also be taking a look at.


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