Playmobil 70625 Dino Rise Spinosaurus: Double Defense Power Set Review


Playmobil is offering a new line of dinosaur figures called Dino Rise, with includes dinosaurs and human characters, with some of the humans riding some of the larger dinosaurs. This concept is best remembered to fans as DinoRiders in the 1980’s, which was a toyline of this same idea. This new line gives you that same concept, with an assortment of characters, dinosaurs, weapons and accessories that is geared towards kids, but also could be ideal for adult collectors that remembers the old 1980’s line.

Official description:

Terrible lizards and big cannons merge in the Playmobil 70625 Spinosaurus: Double Defense Power! With its razor-sharp teeth, the spinosaurus is one of the largest and most dangerous dinosaurs. But this Spinosaurus is no ordinary dinosaur, but something very special. Since he was freed from Dino Rock, he and his friends Samu and Ayla have been fighting side by side against the perfidious fighting machines that try to destroy everything. Thanks to Uncle Rob’s clever fighting equipment, the Spinosaurus also has a special protective armour and firing cannons that make him even more threatening. Will the human-Spinosaurus team with comined power manage to stop the robots from destroying nature?

Thank you to Playmobil for providing their Dino Rise 70625 Spinosaurus: Double Defense Power Set for review. 

Availability: June 2021

The Dino Rise 70625 Spinosaurus: Double Defense Power Set is packaged in a box with some great artwork that showcases this set in an apocalyptic backdrop, along with details about the set on the front, sides, and on the back is a look at the accessories, along with other sets that are also available.


The Spinosaurus is one of the larger of the dinosaurs in the Dino Rise sets, and features a nice likeness to the animal. The finn on his back is big, and the dinosaur is quite colorful, with blue skin, dark blue and yellowish-green markings. His underbelly is also yellowish blue, as are his hands and feet, with toe nails painted in a light grey. The eyes include a printed label, and his jaw is hinged as is his tongue that is painted in red, and around his mouth are teeth that are individually sculpted. The rest of the articulation includes a hinged neck, hinged arms and hinged knees.


The armor is the best part about the figure, as the finn has its own piece that fits over it and features some great attention to detail, with a few parts of the finn showing through it. The legs also have armor that clips on, as does the head with his eyes showing through it. The finn and head armor has some light grey wash over it in certain areas that gives it a nice design. On both sides there are seats with a computer screen, and projectiles that manually fire, and both human characters can be placed on the seats and grab the handlebars. This takes the concept of Dino Riders of the 80’s for a new generation of fans, and they did a great job on this design.



The human characters includes Samu and Ayla, and each are given interchangeable hair pieces, that fits on directly over the head. Both also come with armor including chest armor, shoulder pads, and helmets, and Ayla has a headset. The printed labels on the clothing, facial details and armor look great, and the figures are done in the standard Playmobil style.

Overall, this is a fun set, and fits in great with the overall theme that they are going for. The Spinosaurus’s armor looks great and the weapons make a nice touch to it. If you remember Dino Riders, you may want to check these out as well, especially if you like building sets.


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