Mattel Creations – SDCC 2021 Masters of the Universe Scareglow, Hot Wheels & Battle Labbit Exclusives

This years Masters of the Universe exclusive is Scareglow as he will appear in the Revelation series on Netflix. Scareglow will be offered on 7/22at 9AM PST on Mattel Creations, and features glow in the dark deco just as we seen other releases offer in the past.

The Evil Ghost of Skeletor is not the only Masters exclusive going to be offered this year, as they are also offering a Masters of the Universe Battle Labbit, which is a collaboration between Masters of the Universe and Frank Kozik. He is the creator of the Labbit, otherwise known as a rabbit character who has amassed his own following throughout the years. This character pays tribute to Battle Cat, as seen in Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

Also announced is a new Hot Wheels set that includes He-Man inside the Wind Raider vs Skeletor inside the Land Shark. You can check out the official details below:

PRODUCT NAME:  Masters of the Universe® Masterverse Revelation Scare Glow® Action Figure

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Masters of the Universe™ Masterverse™ is an exciting new line of MOTU® action figures, and its first wave celebrates the release of a thrilling Netflix animated series Masters of the Universe™: Revelation™! This collector’s edition of Scare Glow®, the skeletal ghost warrior whose loyalties are to the evil Skeletor®, is highly detailed and features glow-in-dark skeleton and head. Highly articulated, this action figure has 30 working joints for battle scenes and power posing. Figure comes with posable cape and scythe of doom, plus extra hands. Special LED packaging includes purple and white lights that brilliantly display the glow-in-the-dark effect! A must have for collectors and fans who treasure the MOTU® legacy and also appreciate the expertly crafted updates of the Masterverse line. By the power of Grayskull™! Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary.

SRP: $35

PRODUCT NAME:  MEGA Collabs.™ Masters of the Universe™ Battle Labbit™

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Labbit has seen countless iterations over the years – that’s what happens when an iconic vinyl figure takes the pop art scene by storm – but this might just be the most powerful Labbit in the universe. But this time, we’ve really caught lightning in a bottle (think about it!). Collaborating with both Masters of the Universe and Frank Kozik himself, MEGA is mighty proud to unleash this buildable Battle Labbit. Complete with all of the Labbit’s signature features, this iteration provides a fresh dose of MOTU, paying tribute to Battle Cat as it will appear in the upcoming Masters of the Universe: Revelation animated reboot. Build it, bask in its beauty, just don’t actually battle with it. Why? Because this is more than a toy. This is art.

SRP: $50

PRODUCT NAME:  Hot Wheels Comic Con Masters Of The Universe Wind Raider® vs Land Shark

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Beginning back in the 1980s, fans couldn’t get enough of He-Man® and his ability to defend Eternia® from Skeletor™ and the forces of evil. Now, in the spirit of that epic rivalry, Hot Wheels® has created a highly-detailed Wind Raider, the powerful Eternian jet, and Land Shark, a shark-like tank that terrorizes Eternia®.  The Wind Raider sports the original signature olive-green hull, dark yellow wings, and skull deco and comes with He-Man® mini figure to ride the Wind Raider to victory. A fuchsia shark grazes the front of the Land Shark and features a Skeletor™ action figure at the helm with the mounted weapons on the back. MOTU® fans will want to collect this replica of the powerful jet-propelled military craft that transports He-Man® across the skies and just above the water of the Harmony Sea. Comes in artistic vintage-inspired window box packaging with insert that Masters of the Universe® aficionados will display with pride. Colors and decorations may vary.

SRP: $35