Playmobil 70628 Dino Rise Pteranodon: Drone Strike Set Review


Playmobil is offering a new line of dinosaur figures called Dino Rise, with includes dinosaurs and human characters, with some of the humans riding some of the larger dinosaurs. This concept is best remembered to fans as DinoRiders in the 1980’s, which was a toyline of this same idea. This new line gives you that same concept, with an assortment of characters, dinosaurs, weapons and accessories that is geared towards kids, but also could be ideal for adult collectors that remembers the old 1980’s line.

Official description:

Terrible lizards and big cannons merge in the Playmobil 70628 Pteranodon: Drone Strike! The Pteranodon is equipped with scrap parts in the net as projectiles. Kaidan can ride the Pteranodon. Even at lofty heights, the vicious robotic machines are on the move. A drone makes the airspace unsafe. But that’s no problem for Kaidan and his agile Pteranodon. The pterosaur is at home in the sky. With its projectile net, it can knock out approaching enemies in a flash. Of course, his good friend Kaidan is always with him on his back. There’s no stopping this clever human-flying dinosaur duo. Attack from the air – repelled! Ages 5 to 10

Thank you to Playmobil for providing their Dino Rise Pteranodon: Drone Strike Set for review. 

Availability: June 2021

The Dino Rise 70628 Dino Rise Pteranodon: Drone Strike Set is packaged in a box with some great artwork that showcases this set in an apocalyptic backdrop, along with details about the set on the front, sides, and on the back is a look at the accessories, along with other sets that are also available.

The Pteranodon is the only flying dinosaur in the Dino Rise offerings, and is quite colorful, with purple wings, a yellow body, a light grey head with purple markings, and light grey feet. The dinosaur is just big enough for armor and to have one figure sit on top of him, and is also limited in articulation. He includes a hinge jaw, hinged arms, and hinged legs.



What is good about the armor is the detail, including the net that goes on his belly to hold accessories that can drop on an opponent. The seat includes handles that he can hold, and fits over his body. The downside here is that the armor doesn’t clip on like it goes with the rest of the dinosaurs that we’ve been reviewing, and you have to hold it in place. The net is connected with these purple clips, which tends to fall off the pegs and dropping the accessories too soon. The concept however looks great, although you need a flying stand or something to hold it up in the air.



The human characters includes Kaidan, and a unnamed villain in a black and red outfit. Kaidan has interchangeable armor pieces as shown, including a headphone, a helmet, chest armor, shoulder armor, and a back folded up hoodie. He is mostly in a black suit, with a striped shirt, and the armor is in grey with people patterns and designs. The villain is mostly in black, with red decals, and comes with a head phone, chest armor, scouter, and a piece that clips to his belt.


Other than the dinosaur and the humans, the drone is a new concept that is introduced in this set, and comes with four propellers, two Legendary Stones that attack to the body, and the head can be lifted up and down. It also comes with legs to create a easel for it to stand. The propellers can also turn, which makes it look realistic.

Overall, this is a fun set, and fits in great with the overall theme that they are going for. The Tricceratop’s armor looks great and the weapons make a nice touch to it. If you remember Dino Riders, you may want to check these out as well, especially if you like building sets.


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