Bandai America Dragon Ball Stars Master Roshi Figure Available Now


Bandai America is now offering their single packaged Dragon Ball Stars Master Roshi figure that is listed as in-stock now at Entertainment Earth. The other version was a San Diego Comic-Con 2021 Exclusive, offered as a two pack with Goku and pre-orders are currently sold out. The figure is based on the Tournament of Power storyline in Dragon Ball Super, which depicts his bulky sculpt. You can order him now for $21.99 by clicking HERE!

Master Roshi and other figures can be ordered at Entertainment EarthBigBadToyStore and Amazon. He is priced between $19.99-$21.99 depending on retailer.

Welcome the fierce battles of Dragon Ball into your world with these superior 6.5-inch Dragon Stars action figures. Finely crafted and intricately detailed with 16 points of articulation.  This is the highest order of quality, and as close as you can get to the real thing. You can be the star of your own Dragon Ball battles, inspired by the show and limited only by your imagination. Muten Roshi is the original creator of the Kamehameha and over 300 years old. He is the master of martial arts and trained Goku, Gohan, Yamcha, Krillin, and the Ox-King to be the fighters they are. His current form is 100% Max power where he can use his Max Power Kamehameha!