Mattel SDCC 2021 Exclusive – Hot Wheels Star Wars Darth Vader & Masters of the Universe Mega Collabs Battle Labbit Video Review


This year for San Diego Comic-Con @ Home, Mattel offered a new Hot Wheels Star Wars Darth Vader car, as well as a Mega Collab – Masters of the Universe Battle Labbit.

These and other exclusives were sold on Mattel Creations on July 22nd, 2021 at 12 PM EST. The exclusives are currently sold out.

Thank you to Mattel for providing their SDCC 2021 Exclusive – Hot Wheels Star Wars Darth Vader and Masters of the Universe Mega Collabs Battle Labbit  for review. 

Availability: July 2021 – San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive

The Hot Wheels Star Wars car is a green Darth Vader vehicle, with the packaging including the box and blister card featuring artwork from Star Wars #1. The artwork is amazingly detailed and it’s the same artwork for both the box and blister card. The back of the box features a destruction of the comic book.

The car itself has a metallic green finish to it, with black, light grey, and the windshield features red eyes to indicate Darth Vader. The speaker is on the hood, and has some great sculpted details and colors just as you would get on an actual figure.

Masters of the Universe Battle Labbit is a collaboration with Mega Construx and artist Frank Kozik’s original icon. The Battle Labbit is packaged in a box with Masters of the Universe Revelation artwork, including Castle Grayskull in the background. The box specifies it’s for ages 16+, and includes 399 pieces as this is a building set and ultimately a piece of art for display. The Battle Labbit includes accessories, such as He-Man’s sword and shield that can be placed on his body. The sword and shield are not compatible with He-Man, but He-Man can be seated on top and ride the Battle Labbit just as he can Battle Cat in the Mega Construx line. The attention to detail on the Battle Labbit came out great, especially the facial details, stripes, ball jointed ears and overall presentation of the figure.

In the video, there’s a comparison with He-Man and Battle Cat, so make sure to check out that!

Overall, these are great exclusives and some very nice offerings from Mattel this year. I personally love the Battle Labbit and the functionality of how it looks compared to other Masters of the Universe building figures and sets. These are both currently sold out, but keep checking the site for updates on availability should it surface. Obviously, since these are sold out, fans loved what they saw and for good reason as this years exclusives were highly desired. Hopefully, at least most of you reading this were able to get what you wanted.


Additional Masters of the Universe Mega Construx sets are available on Entertainment EarthBigBadToyStore, Boop Toys and Amazon.