PandaMony Toys – Alter Nation Phase II Figures Kickstarter Now Live


Our friends at PandaMony Toys have launched a new Kickstarter to fund their Alter Nation Phase II Figures, including the figures shown on the back of the packaging for Phase 1, Alpha and Bomber. These figures, and many more surprises are up now to reserve, so make sure to support this company by backing this project and and get this project into production.

The campaign requires $99,000 USD and has over $2,500 already pledged. Make sure to do your part and support it by clicking HERE!

Below, is a press release:

Franklin, TN, August 2, 2021: Setbacks from COVID-19 restrictions aren’t going to stop Panda Mony Toy Brands. Cancellations of the company’s 2020 live-event tour for its Toy-of-the-Year-nominated action figure brand, Alter Nation, compelled them to change its marketing direction, and even relocate to Tennessee.

At its Christmas 2019 brand launch, Alter Nation indicated two new villains, Alpha and Bomber, would be “coming soon.” Panda Mony has been receiving inquiries non-stop asking when these figures will be available, but inventory intended for conventions and retailers made it impossible for them to bring in new products.

“Like most businesses, the restrictions did a number on us,” said company president Ryan Magnon. “Production has to be planned well over a year in advance, so we made enough product to carry us through 2020, but then the niche toy shops were all forced closed, and conventions where we planned to sell at were postponed.”

After taking 2020 to rebound, the company decided keep its promise by taking production of the new figures straight to the fans using Kickstarter. “It took us time to adjust to an online-only strategy and clear out inventory, but now we’re glad we’re able to get kids and fans involved in helping us fulfill our promise of new Alter Nation toys!” said Magnon.

Alpha and Bomber, like Alter Nation’s first wave, will also combine modern action-figure articulation points with an animal-inspired play feature. Bomber, being part scorpion and bombardier beetle, has a catapult-like tail which launches a sticky, bright-green, rubber splat ball. Alpha, is an enormous action figure with articulated bat wings, a snake-like opening jaw, and color-change wings. All Alter Nation action figures are 1:12 scale.

Along with taking pledges, the company will be offering backers insights into the future of the brand and company. It has already started taking suggestions from fans on their pre-launch page, which can be found easily at

Founded in 2017, Panda Mony Toy Brands, LLC is a toy manufacturer with a focus on developing only new entertainment brands and licenses for today’s kids.