PandaMony Toys – Alter Nation Phase II Figures Kickstarter Campaign Offers Rare Items


PandaMony Toys have lowered the prices of the rare items offering of their Alter Nation Phase II Kickstarter Campaign, which includes prototypes and more. This kickstarter will help back Alpha and Bomber, which are wave 2 of the line.

The campaign requires $99,000 USD and has over $8,300 already pledged. Make sure to do your part and support it by clicking HERE!


  • We’re offering rare items either one of a kind or one of only two made.
  • They range from working prototypes, to test runs of new products, to simple 3D Sculptures.
  • Reverse Auction is, as far as I know, a first for Kickstarter.
  • We’re starting prices high, then reducing them over the course of the campaign.
  • The first one to pledge for it at whatever the current price offered wins it.
  • All items are located in the “Add Ons” section of the Kickstarter.

Current prices for the rare items:

Up to the minute prices can be checked on the campaign page ( The starting prices were:

  • Alpha $6000
  • Bomber $5000
  • Sabotage $4000
  • Daart $3000
  • Albert $3000
  • Sham $2000
  • El Ray $1000
  • GITD MUTTS 1/1 $200
  • GITD MUTTS 2/2 $100
  • Uncut comics 150

The campaign needs your help, and you have until Wed, September 1 2021 2:45 AM EDT to back this.