PandaMony Toys – Alter Nation Phase II Figures Kickstarter Campaign Ends Sept. 1, 2021



PandaMony Toys Alter Nation Phase II Kickstarter Campaign ends on Wednesday September 1st, 2021 at 2:45 AM EDT, and this needs the community to come together to help get these figures made. The campaign has been slowly progressing, and we’re at just over $11,000 of the $99,000 needed to to move forward.

Calling all action figure collectors, and especially those of you that grew up in the 80’s, and 90’s and remember action gimmicks on figures. These figures are right up your ally and Alter Nation deserves to continue for years to come. Other companies have seen years of success after a successful kickstarter campaign, so do your part and back this!

More about Alter Nation:

Alter Nation follows the paranormal adventures of GK Delta, an elite unit of half animal, half human soldiers created by the military of the future. Their adventures take them on missions filled with danger and intrigue investigating urban legends, cover-ups, and paranormal phenomena!

Want to see more of the story? 

We debuted six action figures in its first wave, Phase One, just before Christmas 2019. Each figure showcases a special power inspired by real animals’ abilities. The chameleon changes color! The frog does a back flip. The porcupine shoots his quills, and so on.

Since our launch the brand won major awards and received tons of great reviews and was even picked up by Dark Horse Comics for a Graphic Novel. Well, after the chaos of 2020, we can finally reveal Phase Two, Alpha and Bomber which we supposed to come out last year! Just like Phase One both will have abilities inspired by real animals as well as the multiple points of articulation expected in modern action figures!

Check out more details and back this campaign now by clicking HERE!