Extreme-Sets – Deluxe Control Center 2.0 Pop Up Diorama Review

Extreme-Sets – Deluxe Control Center 2.0 Pop Up Diorama Review


Extreme-Sets are now offering wave 10 and the display packs wave 2 pop up dioramas, which includes the 1:12 scale Deluxe Control Center, Deluxe Headquarters, j-806M, Dungeon, Mansion, Hallway, Animated Sewer and Vintage Backstage. Also available is the 1:18 scale sets of the Vintage Backstage, Hallway, J-806M and the Asylum. These are meant for action figures and photography, along with a great way to display your collection. All of these and more can be ordered now at Extreme-Sets.com.

We have an exclusive coupon code for readers – use toyhype for 15% off your order at Extreme-Sets.com now. In addition, they are also offering 25% off on orders over $120 USD when you sign up for their newsletter at this time. Deluxe Control Center 2.0 is priced at $79.99 before the discount.


A cybernetic war is being fought across the multiverse, and it is time to upgrade the Control Center into a new version that is familiar, yet new. That’s right, the Deluxe Control Center 2.0 Pop-Up Diorama builds on everything you love, and takes things to the next level. Standing at an impressive 15.5 inches tall, this brightly colored Pop-Up Diorama has everything you need to recreate any scene your mind can come up with your action figures. The five highly detailed wall panels can be moved around to re-create that perfect backdrop for any moment you want to capture on film or in a photo. The two 3D control panels give your collectibles a new and exciting display option. The three floor panels help make your action figure scene fully come to life. And the two 3D wall monitors help your figures locate the action safely and plot the next course of action. This new Deluxe Control Center has the 2.0 upgrade to give you the best setting for any moment for your action figures to enjoy.


  • Made of cardboard
  • Create the ultimate environment experience for your action figures
  • Move the panels around and recreate in seconds
  • Impressive scale 
  • Opening door
  • 3D control components


  •  Five (5) 19” wide x 15.5″ tall Wall panels (Right out of box easy assembly)
  •  Two (2)  16″ wide x 15.5″ tall 4″ deep Wall panels (Right out of box easy assembly)
  •  Three (3) 19″ wide x 19″ long flooring panels
  •  Two (2) 3D Control Panels
  •  Two (2) 3D wall monitors


  • 1:12 – This product is to scale to all 6″-14” action figures.


Thank you to Extreme-Sets for providing their Deluxe Control Center 2.0 Pop Up Diorama for review. 

Availability: September 2021


The Deluxe Control Center features the likeness of a base of operations either in a mountain or underground, with artwork of rocks on the top of all walls indicating this. The artwork is phenomenal and has an animated type vibe to it, given the bright colors on the walls, computer consoles, and all the screens. Each computer screen is different with various images, data bars, and buttons on each wall.

There is a 3D computer console that is one piece and can be placed in front of any wall and includes a purple screen (as shown above to the right) in the center with lines, and various screens and bars around it. This is the main computer console in the diorama, and is the primary focus of this set.


There are also two 3D panels that connect to the wall, and each have computer scenes, bars and buttons.


The walls and floor panels are given an orange deco with a dark grey wash, with the computer screens each a different color and all done in bright colors. The second largest screen gives you a look at the stars and clouds.


The opening door is a nice inclusion and can be placed in front of any wall, or the 3D computer, with one or both doors open.


The Deluxe Control Center 2.0 works best for animated and comic-inspired figures, as well as Transformers figures since the artwork could also represent the Autobot Ark’s interior. Marvel or DC would great for this as a base of operations for a variety of teams. Since most people use this set for Transformers Generation One, I went ahead and used Beast Wars as that is my personal favorite, and either would work for this set. The scale works for a variety of lines, from 6″-14″, and could be used for any animated or comic line that your heard desires from any toy company, any era/year released.

Overall, Extreme-Sets have once again outdone themselves and this is truly an amazing set with a lot of great display, play and photography options. The artwork is amazing, great quality and attention to detail on the wall panels, 3D computer and floor panels. This is definitely something you need to own especially for photography and toy display.



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